Rainforest Unit Study and Lapbook

The above graphics for the lapbook are fromHands of a Child Rainforest Habitats and Jena the Jaguar, Squidoo, and Homeschool Share.  See some great pictures of Jimmie’s lapbook here.

Rainforest Books that we read

The Jungle Book (Kipling, Rudyard)

Afternoon on the Amazon (Osborne, Mary Pope)

The great kapok tree : a tale of the Amazon rainforest     (Cherry, Lynne)

 Rainforest birds (Kalman, Bobbie)

Tropical rain forest (Silver, Donald M.)

Over in the jungle : a rainforest rhyme (Berkes, Marianne Collins)

Rainforest colors (Canizares, Susan)

Rain forests : tropical treasures

Draw! rainforest animals (DuBosque, D. C.)

Rainforests : an activity guide for ages 6-9 (Castaldo, Nancy F.)

Rain, rain, rain forest (Guiberson, Brenda Z.)

Rain forests  (Osborne, Will)

Crafts for kids who are wild about rainforests (Ross, Kathy)

The umbrella (Brett, Jan)

A walk in the rainforest (Pratt-Serafini, Kristin Joy)

One day in the tropical rain forest (George, Jean Craighead)

More or less : a rain forest counting book (Davis, Rebecca Fjelland)

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