American Indian unit study and lapbook

We did a really neat American Indian unit study and lapbook a while back.

Here is my daughter with her cradle board that we made out of an orange juice container:

Pictures of our lapbook (materials from Hands of a Child and Dover):

The boys put together the Pueblo Village you see in the lapbook above.
Here are the books we read:

Tapenum’s day : a Wampanoag Indian boy in Pilgrim times (Waters, Kate)

One little, two little, three little pilgrims (Barbara G.)

Giving thanks : the 1621 harvest feast (Waters, Kate)

Native Americans   (Hirschfelder, Arlene B.)

The Ojibwa  (Lomberg, Michelle).

American Indian foods  (Miller, Jay)

Traditional crafts from native North America

More than moccasins : a kid’s activity guide to traditional North American Indian life  
  (Carlson, Laurie M)

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