Imagination Station- My kids’ review

I’ve had a really fun week doing this blog tour!  I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too.  I thought I’d leave you with a few reviews from my kids!

My 9-year-old said he liked book # 5 (Showdown With the Shepherd) about David and Goliath the best of all six.  He liked how Hugh tried to change history but couldn’t.  This boy has had a harder time getting into reading on his own.  I feel the Imagination Station books gave him a boost because he felt successful reading them, and they didn’t take him too long (about three days to read each book).


My 7-year-old also really enjoyed the books.  She had previously been reading picture books, but the Imagination Station books pushed her into the wide world of chapter books!  It was so fun to see her bringing the books with her in the car and then back inside to read on the couch and in bed at night!  She said she enjoyed book # 6 the best (Problems in Plymouth) about Patrick and Beth’s interactions with the Pilgrims and witnessing the first Thanksgiving.


My 10-year-old said the books had a pretty good plot but were a little too short and easy for his age.  (He was reading Lord of the Rings at age 6!)  His favorite was book # 3 (Peril in the Palace) about the Mongols and Marco Polo.  He was able to read each book in an afternoon.

I will certainly be getting the next books in the series as they come out.  They aren’t fun as read-alouds (I prefer a higher reading level for that!), but are wonderful for the kids to read on their own.

Today is the last day to leave a comment to be entered into the drawing to win a set of all six books.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday!


If you’d like to order the books, please use my referral link to Barnes and Noble.  Thanks!


  1. My kids loved them too!

  2. thanks for doing this gena! love you

  3. I’m glad for your kids review of them and think that my boys would like them as they will be moving into chapter books soon.

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