My Favorites from One Step Ahead

I just placed an order to one of my favorite online stores:  One Step Ahead.

I’ve actually been ordering from them for years!  After 11 years, I’m still using these favorites that I got from them:

Kids Foam Booster Seat:

We use these at the dinner table.  They’re wonderful because they wipe clean so easily, are removable (for changing seats or wiping the chair), and don’t slip off the seat.  We also use these at the piano bench!
Kids High-Back Foam Dining Booster Seat BLUE

Add a Size Baby Clothes Extender

I use these to make my baby’s or toddler’s onesies fit longer.
Add a Size Baby Clothes Extender 10-Pack, Onesie Extender

Child-proof Door-Stoppers:

We’ve replace all the dangerous door-stoppers (the ones where they can pull off the end and choke on it or get their fingers stuck in the spring) with these attractive door-stoppers.
Door Stop 6-Pack Almond

And the Kids Shoe Sizer–perfect for measuring their feet at home and then picking up shoes when I’m out!  (Or determining when the shoes they’re wearing don’t fit them anymore.  🙂  ).



Today I ordered a bedwetter alarm for an older child who’s still having an issue every night.  I’m hoping to see success within a month!

Kids Bedwetting Night Trainer  Girl


And some Hot/Cold Gel Packs to put in lunch boxes.  I like that these can be frozen or heated up.

Hot + Cold Gel Paks 2-Pack

If you check out the website you’ll see they have some adorable Halloween costumes!

There are two coupon codes available right now:

15% off an order of $85 or more (OFF15) or

Free Shipping with an order of $85 or more (SHIP85)


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