Ocean Boxes- Lesson 2

My kids beg to work on these Ocean Boxes almost every day, but I can usually hold them off until Fridays.  🙂

Compare with the last update to see how much they’ve added since last time!


Love the squid!


Sea urchin:



Tube anemones:



Adorable octopus at the bottom of this one:



We added sponges here:



My 5-year-old is pretty creative with the colorful shark on the ocean floor:



Here is my 3-year-old did this one:



There’s a sea turtle floating on the surface of this one:



As I’ve said before, the Crayola Model Magic is incredible for doing projects like these!
Assorted Colors Crayola Model Magic Classpack


A lot of the ideas for how to make the animals came from watching this movie, IMAX Deep Sea.   I’ll share some of the other books and videos we’ve watched so far next time.  See our past Ocean box posts here and here.



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  1. Just had to speak up for the Sea Monkeys. I’ve had a set on my desk at work and they have lived for literally years. It’s a cycle of life thing. Generation after geitraenon. Seriously..I enjoy them. Evidently they have become more robust over the years. All I do is aerate the water once or twice a week and feed them once or twice a week.If you’re considering trying them out, I would encourage you to. They are a cheap and fun distraction for those boring conference calls I sometimes find myself stuck on..:-)


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