Lapbook Fun

Lapbook Fun


We’ve been doing lapbooks at our house for a number of years now.  It’s really a fun way to organize the unit study and have a culminating project that doesn’t take up too much space.  I keep them handy on a book-shelf and often see the kids take one out to look through it (reviewing what they’ve learned!)

I’ve made up my own and purchased complete kits.  But I really love finding free ones online.  More and more are being posted all the time.
Below you’ll find some links that will help you find one on almost any subject you can think of.  By the way, if you don’t know what a lapbook is, look at Jimmie’s Squidoo site or Jamin’s blog for a full tutorial!

My Posts about lapbooking:

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Sled Dogs/ Alaska/ Iditarod



Ten Commandments

Weather, Obedience, and Money


Polar Regions


Human Body

Outer Space


Goodnight Moon




Martin Luther and Reformation


American Indians

Kung Fu Panda


Simple Machines




World Explorers

Colonial Times

Revolutionary War

Hermit Crabs

Civil War

Industrial Revolution Through Great Depression

Katy and the Big Snow

Johnny Appleseed

September 11

Apologia Flying Creatures

Old Testament

Free lapbooks:

Companies that sell lapbook packages:

(Almost all of these can be purchased through also.)

Notebooking Pages (lined paper)

Images and Clip-Art for Lapbooks

University of Texas
Timelines (images)


  1. Lapbooks are a lot fun! Save a lot of space and makes a great reference. I’ve noticed a few on your well organized list that we haven’t done yet. I definitely will be returning! Thanks for sharing!

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