Happy Minion Birthday Party!

I have to admit that when we started planning my son’s 5th birthday party a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t even on my radar that the Minions movie was coming out. Nevertheless, it came about that we had a Minion Birthday Party! First, my daughter found some cupcakes on a Youtube video she said she wanted to make–and they were Minions. Then, my kids bought my son a Minion hat as a present. Then, my husband bought a Minion balloon {Read More}

Weekly Wrap-up: Baptism, Birthdays, and Astronomy

Weekly Wrap-up?  Ok, to be honest, it has been so long that I’ve done one of these posts that it’s really going to cover the last 2 months! Hope you enjoy! On August 30 my 4th child was baptized by her father in a nearby lake.  I’m so proud of her for making the decision to follow Jesus and identify with him in baptism! Is this little girl cute or what!  She has now decided she doesn’t need an afternoon {Read More}

Recipe: Angel Food Cake Frosting

  My mother-in-law has been making this Angel Food Cake Frosting for birthdays for years!  My daughter wanted it for her birthday this year, so I’m happy to share the recipe with you. I just used a box mix to make the angel food cake. Angel Food Cake Frosting: 2 cups sugar 2 egg whites 1/2 cup water 1/2 teaspoon vanilla food coloring (optional) Put about 2 inches of hot water in a saucepan and set heat to high.  Mix {Read More}

Speech Conferences/ October Birthdays

Today is a poignant day. It’s the first day since March 2000 since I haven’t been pregnant and/or nursing. It’s been 13 years, so it’s definitely a new stage for me. Last weekend I attended the Communicators for Christ Conference with my 5 oldest kids. We have been enjoying all we’re learning in ICC (Institute for Cultural Communication) this year. The kids get up in front of a group and present their speeches each time we meet for chapter. At {Read More}

From House to Home {Link Party}: Tea Party Ideas!

My third daughter turned 5 last week, so it was time for her Birthday Party Tea Party!  For her older sisters we went to a tea party restaurant.  But this time we decided to do it at home and were able to invite a lot of friends and family!   We got quite a few ideas from the Fancy Nancy Tea Parties book and from what I’ve pinned on my Pinterest Tea Party Ideas board. We had a Butterfly theme. {Read More}

Collage Friday–1st Birthday!

I can’t believe she’s one!   Linked to 

Collage Friday: Birthdays and Castles

It’s been quite a while since I posted a collage.  Here are some pictures from the last month: 1.  My eldest played violin at the Good Friday service at church.  I think he looks spiffy all in black!  We’ve been going to a small church very close to us.  I love that there are so many homeschool families and many opportunities to serve.  The children’s and youth director is a Moody student and was homeschooled himself.  I have no qualms {Read More}

Collage Friday–Soccer, Pumpkins, and 50 Years

  This morning, bright and early, my husband and older two sons went to a Father-Son Camp (will be highlighted in next Friday’s collage!).  So, I took the other six kids to a pumpkin farm festival.  It turned out to be so much fun!  They can’t wait to go back –next year, of course.  It was very cold today.  Thankfully the baby slept in the stroller completely covered up by my picnic quilt to keep out the cold. This evening {Read More}

Collage Friday: Birthday, Legos

    Here’s our Wrap-up of the week.  We’ve been so busy with birthdays lately.  My husband’s 50th birthday party is on Sunday, so as soon as I post this I’m focusing on getting ready for that for the rest of the weekend.  See you next Monday! 1.  We give each child a Bible on their 6th birthday. 2.  My daughter turned 9 this week and got a sewing machine!  She’s going on a special trip to the fabric store {Read More}

Collage Friday 10/12/12: Birthday, Anniversary, Baby

1.  We spent last weekend at the Grandparents’ Lake House in Wisconsin.  My husband’s brother and family were also there, and we celebrated 3 kids’ birthdays!  It was a nice relaxing time.  But I came down with a cold (which I still have) and it was freezing!  Snowed on Saturday. 2.  Yesterday we did a science experiment to understand how blubber keeps arctic animals warm in the frigid water.  The kids stuck their fingers in icy water and could only {Read More}

Happy Birthday to a new 4-year-old!

Such a sweet girl, and now she’s 4!  Happy Birthday!   I made this Hello Kitty pillow (also a dress, but it was too big, so I’ll post pics of that later!).   The kids have been “regifting” their old toys!   Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name

New Two-Year-Old!

Birthday Party for our 10-year-old son!

Saturday was a beautiful day to celebrate our second son’s 10th birthday.  He had 7 cousins and 3 church friends over for his Lego-themed party.   I’ll share some of the details of the party on the next post!

Pinterest Challenge- Lego Car Ramp

In preparation for my son’s 10th birthday party, we built a Lego car ramp in our living room. I got the idea from this pin.  My son (ever the engineer) modified the design making the slope less, adding the music stand for the starting gate, and the chair and pillows on the bottom to keep the cars from crashing. The boys will make their own cars at home and bring them to race at the party. My kids have already {Read More}

Happy Birthday to our new seven-year-old!

Yesterday was our fourth child’s seventh birthday.  I think she had a great day.  She started out by opening presents from her parents and grandparents. She loved making her butterfly box (from Melissa & Doug–be sure to see the end of this post for a chance to win a shopping spree!).  She was so excited to get her first set of Legos!  And, always a hit–the Melissa & Doug flashlight! She wore her new dress all day long (and is {Read More}

Our Month in Review: Birthday, Legoland

Well, it’s been so long since I posted our Week in Review that I need to do it for the past month! We spent the last weekend on a church retreat.  It was nice to get away. My oldest daughter turned 8 years old.  She is so sweet and such a big help to me! We made our annual pilgrimage to Legoland, on the cheaper-ticket homeschool day!  Oh my, how my kids LOVE Legos! I saw my first-ever FULL rainbow! {Read More}

Our Week in Review–Cruises, Apple Butter, and Birthdays

We had an interesting beginning of the week last week! On Sunday we watched a video on YouTube of a short film called Pilot’s Plight that my husband acted in!  It was written and filmed by a 14-year-old aspiring film-maker in our church.  Here’s the link.  (It’s PG or PG-13; watch it without the kids first.) Then on Tuesday my brother-in-law emailed us and said he heard our names on the radio.  We had entered a contest for the Love {Read More}