The CurrClick Stock-up Sale!

ANNOUNCING THE 2016 CURRCLICK STOCK UP SALE: The CurrClick Stock Up Sale is January 5-19. You can get my products for 40% off! You can find everything that’s on sale at this link. PUBLISHERS IN THE CURRCLICK STOCK UP SALE: 4 Little Penguins 15% 4R Press 40% A Godly Legacy Publishing 70% A Journey Through Learning 40% A Teachable Year 40% A+ Interactive Math 40% All Things Homeschool 40% Amy Biddison 40% Brodie Education Consulting 50% Canadian Winter Homeschool Materials {Read More}

CurrClick Pay-What-You-Want Sale!

On Friday morning, around 10:00 a.m. CST, CurrClick will be having a “Pay What You Want” SALE! Through the weekend and ending on July 29th, homeschoolers (and anyone!) can shop over 4,000 titles from top homeschool publshers and you guessed it: Paywhatever they want for the items they select. No other homeschool curriculum site has done anything like this before. Simply go to the homepage on Friday morning around 10:00. *This event does not include live classes.   (This post contains affiliate links.)  

CurrClick Open House next week–Online Classes!

  The 2013 Fall Live Class Open House  is going on next week (July 23rd-25th) in the evenings.  This is the perfect time to see if you’d like to purchase a class for your child. They aren’t just for homeschoolers!  And there are LOTS of choices, including free classes and even clubs like Lego and American Girl.  Head over and see what they have. What will happen during the open house? Free class prizes, discounts, a chance to meet the teachers {Read More}

CurrClick Winter Whisper Sale and Giveaway

There is a great sale going on at CurrClick right now.  It’s called the Whisper Sale and you have to go to this secret URL in order to enter in.  TEN freebies are being given away, and TONS of our bestselling publishers have discounted all their resources by 50%!  Find some fun and helpful curriculum there!   (Post contains affiliate links.)

Using CurrClick to Help in Homeschooling

I’ve been using CurrClick for years to help in my homeschooling.  We’ve loved doing lapbooks and adding notebooking pages to our lessons.  Did you know they also have online classes?  I’ve thought about doing the Lego class for my Lego-maniacs, but we haven’t had time to add anything else to our lives yet.  🙂  Other ideas I’m considering–foreign language, writing, art, and science experiments. Here are a few things to check out there: They have a Freebie every week.  This {Read More}

CurrClick Homeschool Spirit Week

It’s Homeschool Spirit Week at CurrClick, which means that you can get lots of Freebies this week.  Click below to find the schedule of events!  There’s a fun contest and a nice freebie for today.   There is one freebie on the homepage of CurrClick, as well, this week–Ancient Rome lapbook with study guide by A Journey Through Learning.  We’ve done several of their lapbooks;  they’re high quality!   Also here’s the top seller right now:  Fall Book Bag with {Read More}

CurrClick Freebies Olympic Fun

Have fun at CurrClick finding 12 freebies!   (contains affiliate links)

2012 Summer (Homeschooling) Plans

The kids will be finished with our homeschooling year as soon as the baby is born–will be sometime today through 19 days from now!  We’re already finished with science, history, and Bible Study Fellowship.  With most other subjects, I just give them the next book whenever they finish throughout the year (math, grammar, logic, handwriting, phonics readers, etc.), so we can stop those now and start up again in the fall.  The only book I’m requiring my oldest boys to {Read More}

CurrClick Mother’s Day Sale

Be sure To Check Out the Mother’s Day at CurrClick, starting today! From 10:00 CST today (May 8th) through May 15th, visitors to the site will get 5 awesome freebies, download a free Mother’s Day card for kids to personalize & enter to win an iPod Nano AND an iPod Shuffle! Plus, check out Facebook, where 5 additional freebies will be given away throughout the week!   (contains affiliate links)

The Adventurer’s Journey–My kids’ first movie!

Last fall my kids and the others from our church were able to film a movie written by one of the older boys in the church.  Here it is! My boys absolutely love making movies! They spend hours doing stop-motion with Legos and making live-action movies using my iPad with the iMovie software. I just downloaded a special 10-week movie-making curriculum from CurrClick that we’re going to learn a lot from!  It’s called Movie Making Basics by Toddler Bites Publishing.

Gardening and Plants–our new unit study

The free lapbook at CurrClick this week “Lapbooking Through Plants” fits in perfectly with our new preschool/lower elementary unit study! Another wonderful resource at CurrClick is the Hand of a Child project pack called “Get Ready To Garden.” In addition to the lapbook, here are some other things we may do (depending on my energy level with these last 6 weeks of pregnancy!) The Secret Garden by Burnett  I love listening to this in the car!  We’re going to start {Read More}

Alaska/ Sled Dog/ Iditarod unit study and lapbook

We’ve had a fun time this last month studying Sled Dogs, Alaska, and the Iditarod.  Here are the books and videos used in our Iditarod unit study: The Incredible Life of Balto by Meghan McCarthy The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto (Step-Into-Reading) by Natalie Standiford Iditarod Dream: Dusty and His Sled Dogs Compete in Alaska’s Jr. Iditarod by Ted Wood Balto(DVD) Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth (DVD, more for older kids and adults) This last resource was a documentary {Read More}

New iPads are out!

Here’s your chance to get an iPad for $100 off!  The new iPads came out today (or at least you can pre-order them today), so Apple is selling the iPad2 for only $399!  I love my iPad2 so much that I’m not even considering getting one of the new ones! I use it every day for reading e-books, email, blogging, social media, and education.  On trips, it’s invaluable for maps, finding restaurants, checking the weather, and keeping the kids entertained {Read More}

Free Super Bowl Mini Helper from CurrClick

Here is a free Super Bowl Mini Helper available from CurrClick.  My 9 yo son is excited to put this together! (Contains affiliate links.  Thanks for supporting I Choose Joy!)

Revolutionary War unit study and lapbook

  After Colonial Times, we started studying the Revolutionary War.  We didn’t get to much into battles, since my kids are so young, but my oldest son read about them a bit. Here are the books we read: Johnny Tremain How to be a Revolutionary War Soldier (Ratliff) Annie Henry and the Secret Mission (Olasky) Annie Henry and the Birth of Liberty (Olasky) Buttons for General Washington (Roop) Land Battles of the Revolutionary War (Smolinski) Boston Tea Party (Furstinger) Growing {Read More}

A review of Katy’s Big Snow Day lapbook

Below is a review of the Hands of a Child project pack “Katy’s Big Snow Day.”  It is a literature lapbook unit based on the book “Katy and the Big Snow” by Virginia Lee Burton.  It can be purchased at CurrClick. I did the Katy’s Big Snow Day lapbook with 3 of my kids, ages 3, 4, and 6.  We had a lot of fun with it.  I definitely recommend it for the preschool set. The book is old and {Read More}

American Indian unit study and lapbook

We did a really neat American Indian unit study and lapbook a while back. Here is my daughter with her cradle board that we made out of an orange juice container: Pictures of our lapbook (materials from Hands of a Child and Dover): The boys put together the Pueblo Village you see in the lapbook above. Here are the books we read: Tapenum’s day : a Wampanoag Indian boy in Pilgrim times (Waters, Kate) One little, two little, three little {Read More}

Rainforest Unit Study and Lapbook

The above graphics for the lapbook are fromHands of a Child Rainforest Habitats and Jena the Jaguar, Squidoo, and Homeschool Share.  See some great pictures of Jimmie’s lapbook here. Rainforest Books that we read The Jungle Book (Kipling, Rudyard) Afternoon on the Amazon (Osborne, Mary Pope) The great kapok tree : a tale of the Amazon rainforest     (Cherry, Lynne)  Rainforest birds (Kalman, Bobbie) Tropical rain forest (Silver, Donald M.) Over in the jungle : a rainforest rhyme (Berkes, Marianne Collins) Rainforest {Read More}

Plants lapbook

We have finished our Plant Lapbook!  I found much of the info we put in it on the internet.  Some things (puzzles) were from an Evan-Moor workbook that I got really cheap at a teacher supply store.  The kids also cut out pictures from gardening magazines to decorate it.  Here are some of the things we included: Life cycle of a plant.  What do plants need?  Bible verses (Parables of the Sower, the Mustard Seed and the Weeds).  What part {Read More}

Polar Regions unit study and lapbook

  We have finished our Polar Regions unit study and lapbook and had a great time with it!  My kids made snow goggles and soapstone carvings (out of soap!).  We also ate some  “Eskimo” food.  We’re reading a neat book about Arctic missionaries called Mik-Shrok (Repp)   Here are the other books we read: Reindeer Trail (Hadar) The Emperor’s Egg (Jenkins) Explore Antarctic (Kalman) Living in the Tundra (Loughran) North Pole, South Pole (Levinson) Polar Bear, Arctic Hare (Spinelli) Arctic {Read More}