Tax Day: “The Government Can”

In “honor” of Tax Day, I thought you might enjoy Tim Hawkin’s “The Government Can.”

Today is also Tax Freedom Day, which means (according to this website) that you have finally worked enough days this year to pay next year’s tax bill!

Funny Friday-Things That Made Me Laugh 3/5/07

Today I’d like to share a blast from the past, originally posted 3/5/07:

Today we were watching a helicopter flying.  I said, “I wonder what makes it move forward and what makes it stay still or hover.”  My 6 yo son (J) said, “There’s this button. . . ”

Yesterday I asked my younger son what book he had looked at when he went to bed last night.  Then I got distracted and didn’t hear the kids talking.  A few minutes later my older son said, “Nursery rhymes with Barney.”  I heard “nursery” rhymes with “Barney.”  And I said, “No, it doesn’t.”  He said, “Nursery rhymes with Barney.”    I was so surprised that he thought those two words rhymed.  I said “‘Nursery’ rhymes with ‘Bursery’ and ‘Barney’ rhymes with ‘Narney’.”  He said, “Mom, the book J. looked at was called “Nursery Rhymes with Barney.”  I started laughing so hard I couldn’t talk for a few minutes after that!

On Saturday I accompanied my high school voice student at a solo contest and left my husband with the kids (including the baby) for an hour and 45 minutes.  When I returned I asked him how it went.  He said, “Great.”  I asked him if he was aware that this was the first time he had ever been left alone with all five of them.  He didn’t realize that.  Then I asked him if he remembered what he had said when I returned after leaving him alone for the first time with our first son for about 2 hours.  (He was about the same age as baby #5 is now.)  He had said he was counting the “15-minute segments” until I returned!  Yes, Daddy has grown up quite a bit in the last 6 years!

Funny Friday: “You Might Be a Homeschooler If. . .”

Here’s today’s Funny Friday! Hope you enjoy it (although it might only be funny if you actually homeschool).

My son counted 8 that applied to us; I found 13. For example, Saxon fills ME with dread, so we’ve only used Math-U-See!

And I know what a jean jumper is, and we don’t wear them!

My oldest finished “Silmarillion” yesterday!

We also came up with some of our own:

You might be a homeschooler if. . .

You know who Charlotte Mason is

You know the meaning behind “Chocol-eight”

Shoveling the driveway counts as P.E. class

You have done a lapbook

You do math with “manipulatives”

Mom reads aloud to you, even when you’re in high school

You go to your mom’s OB appointments

Your mom bakes bread every week

You do a “child development” class way before you’re in high school

You know what Family Integrated Church, home discipleship, and family worship are.

You have said, “Mom, can we have spring break again next week?”

Funny Friday-How NOT to Use an iPad!

(Not in English, but I think she says, “How do you like the new iPad I gave you?”)

Mascara Baby

Well, I thought the baby was playing in the basement with his brother and sister. But when I heard, “Mommy, Mommy” and turned around, I realized I was mistaken. He was holding my blush container and a make-up brush, so I immediately knew where he had been. Can you believe that it took until child #7 for someone to get into my make-up? Well, now I know that soap and water won’t remove mascara from all over the face. You need to use eye make-up remover!  Poor guy–when he saw himself in the mirror, he started crying!  Hopefully, he learned his lesson!



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Funny Friday- Periodic Table Song

Usually, I listen to one of 2 Christian radio stations while in the car.  But, occasionally, I’ll switch over to the great classical station that we have here in the Chicago area.  A few years ago I heard this song and LOVED it!  It’s so clever–singing all the elements of the Periodic Table.

Here are three versions of the Periodic Table Song by Tom Lehrer.  I think I’ll have my kids memorize this when they study chemistry in high school!

With words:

With the placement on the Periodic Table:

Sung by Daniel Radcliffe:


Last week I also came across the Periodic Table of the Books of the Bible!  What a clever graphic.


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Funny Friday- If You Give a Baby a Donut. . .

Today’s funny is a book written by my 8-year-old daughter.  I have transcribed her writing (almost) exactly.

If you give a Baby a Donut

If you give a Baby a Donut He’ll wont a not her won [another one].  In Til the Boks is gone. [Until the box is gone.]


So He’s going to Buy some more.  Well He’s at the store He sees a Baby Toy.  So He Just Hast to Buy it.


So wen He gits Home He plays with it.  So wen He plays with the Toy He gits slepy so he gose to Bed.


So Wen He’s abowt to go to slepe He sees a picture on His wall.  The picture Has a Baby etting a Donut.


So He gits owt uv Bed and etts His Donuts.

the End


[I just found this on the back.  I guess it explains the inspiration for her story!]

A Note from the riter.  One day my grint mou [grandma] brot donuts for a traet.  my baby brothr att a lot uv donus.


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Funny Friday- Ridiculous Baby Poses

You’ll laugh at this one today.  Visit my friend’s Pinterest board entitled Ridiculous Baby Poses!

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Funny Friday – Homeschooling Lies

If you haven’t seen this one yet, have a good laugh today!

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Funny Friday–Christmas Medley

One of my favorites!

Funny Friday- Cat Laser Bowling

A couple of days ago I overheard my son ask my 3 yo daughter if a particular lady in a picture was smiling.  She said, “No, she’s teaching her kids.”

Funny, but very convicting.  May I smile more!

and this video, as a bonus!


Funny Friday-Twin Babies Talking

Here’s a great one to make you laugh today!  It’s of two twin babies “talking” to each other.  My mother-in-law says she remembers her twin brothers doing this sort of thing.

I especially love the gestures to give emphasis to the “da-da-da”!

Funny Friday- Chick-Fil-A

When we go on vacations, one of the restaurants we always try to is Chick-Fil-A. If you love Chick-Fil-A, too, you’ll find this hilarious!