September 11 lapbook review

I’m sure we’re all aware that Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the attack on our country.  I felt like my 3 oldest kids were old enough this year to study about September 11.  We decided to do the Hands of a Child September 11 lapbook. I received this lapbook for free in order to do this review. This particular project pack was written for grades 2nd through 8th.  The kids I had working on it were 2nd, 4th, and {Read More}

A review of Katy’s Big Snow Day lapbook

Below is a review of the Hands of a Child project pack “Katy’s Big Snow Day.”  It is a literature lapbook unit based on the book “Katy and the Big Snow” by Virginia Lee Burton.  It can be purchased at CurrClick. I did the Katy’s Big Snow Day lapbook with 3 of my kids, ages 3, 4, and 6.  We had a lot of fun with it.  I definitely recommend it for the preschool set. The book is old and {Read More}

Cowboy lapbook and unit study

Last month we did a fun study on cowboys. Here are the books we read: A biography of Will Rogers Armadillo Rodeo (Brett), C is for Cowboy: A Wyoming Alphabet (Gagliano), Cowboys (Penner), Cowboys and Cowgirls: Yippee Yay! (Gibbons), I Want to be a Cowboy (Liebman), Why Cowboys Sleep With Their Boots On (Why Cowboys Series)(Knowlton), Riding the Range: Western Activities for Kids (Drinkard), Little Sure-Shot: The story of Annie Oakley (Spinner), Justin Morgan Had a Horse (Henry, on CD), {Read More}

American Indian unit study and lapbook

We did a really neat American Indian unit study and lapbook a while back. Here is my daughter with her cradle board that we made out of an orange juice container: Pictures of our lapbook (materials from Hands of a Child and Dover): The boys put together the Pueblo Village you see in the lapbook above. Here are the books we read: Tapenum’s day : a Wampanoag Indian boy in Pilgrim times (Waters, Kate) One little, two little, three little {Read More}

Rainforest Unit Study and Lapbook

The above graphics for the lapbook are fromHands of a Child Rainforest Habitats and Jena the Jaguar, Squidoo, and Homeschool Share.  See some great pictures of Jimmie’s lapbook here. Rainforest Books that we read The Jungle Book (Kipling, Rudyard) Afternoon on the Amazon (Osborne, Mary Pope) The great kapok tree : a tale of the Amazon rainforest     (Cherry, Lynne)  Rainforest birds (Kalman, Bobbie) Tropical rain forest (Silver, Donald M.) Over in the jungle : a rainforest rhyme (Berkes, Marianne Collins) Rainforest {Read More}

Unit Study and Lapbook on Martin Luther and the Reformation

We’ve spent the last month studying about Martin Luther and the Reformation.  I wrote a unit study about Martin Luther and the Reformation that is posted at Homeschool Helper Online.  We enjoyed reading the book Martin Luther by Maier and the Trailblazers book called Spy for the Night Riders by Jackson. My husband and I love the movie Luther.  It’s PG-13 and not appropriate for some of our kids yet, though. We had a wonderful time hosting a Reformation Party–see pictures {Read More}

Polar Regions unit study and lapbook

  We have finished our Polar Regions unit study and lapbook and had a great time with it!  My kids made snow goggles and soapstone carvings (out of soap!).  We also ate some  “Eskimo” food.  We’re reading a neat book about Arctic missionaries called Mik-Shrok (Repp)   Here are the other books we read: Reindeer Trail (Hadar) The Emperor’s Egg (Jenkins) Explore Antarctic (Kalman) Living in the Tundra (Loughran) North Pole, South Pole (Levinson) Polar Bear, Arctic Hare (Spinelli) Arctic {Read More}

Review of Ten Commandments Lapbook

My kids and I just completed a unit study on The Ten Commandments, using a project pack from Hands of a Child as our main source of materials.  You can find it at Below is a review of the project pack:  Overall, I really enjoyed doing the Hands of a Child lapbook of The Ten Commandments.  It’s a 50-page packet which includes a research guide, 15 activities, and explanations on how to put together a lapbook.  The age is listed {Read More}