2015 Build Your Bundle Sale: The Details

Woo-hoo–the Build Your Bundle homeschool curriculum sale is finally here! I promise not to overload you on this topic all week. But I want to have one post here where you can have all the details you might want in order to make a decision about whether to buy a bundle or not with the annual Build Your Bundle Sale. 
2015 Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale

  • There are 19 different bundles of digital homeschool curriculum
  • All curricula is massively discounted (up to 90% off)
  • One week only 5/25 thru 6/1
  • 9 bundles are under $20
  • Buy 2 bundles, get one free
  • There are some Premium products for sale (memberships and courses)
  • If you make any purchase, you will receive some great Bonuses (physical and digital products, as well as coupons)

Over 200 products in 19 bundles priced starting at just $10!

  • Another thing you can do is to build your own bundle. Pick any of the items (items $19.99 and under) and get exactly what you will use!  Pick 5 for $25 or any 10 for $39.

2015 Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale


Now for the details of what is in each of the 19 bundles:  

(see the Build Your Bundle site for more specifics)

Preschool/Kindergarten Bundle

Handwriting Lessons Through Literature, Uncle Rick’s History for Preschoolers, Baby Lamb’s Book of Art, The Picture Smart Bible, God’s Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum, and 8 more. Value $174.70, Cost $29.

Preschool Bundle of Curriculum - Huge Sale!

1st – 3rd Grade Bundle #1

Human Body Detectives Go into the Immune System, Reading Lessons Through Literature, 101 Independent Kids Activities, Write From History Level 1, Bible Road Trip Year One, Spanish 1 Interactive Notebook, Knights and Nobles Unit Study, and 4 more. Value: $284.89, Cost $49

Elementary Curriculum Bundle - HUGE Savings!

1st – 3rd Grade Bundle #2

Writeshop Primary Book A Set, English Lessons Through Literature, Simply Cursive, The Fun Spanish, Around the World Geography Copywork Bundle, and 5 more. Value $299.61, Cost $49.

Elementary Curriculum Bundle - HUGE Savings!

4th-6th Grade Bundle #1

Mastering Essential Math Skills: Fractions, Weather on the Move Unit Study, Human Body Detectives- Circulatory System, Write From History Level 2, USA State Bird Realistic, How to Write a Book Report, Help! I Have a Reluctant Writer!, and 5 more.  Value $203.86, Cost $39
Elementary Curriculum Bundle - HUGE Savings!
4th – 6th Grade Bundle #2

Draw Around the World: USA, The Elements, The Brain: An Introduction to Neurology, Ten Great Adventurers, Feed My Sheep by How Great Thou Art, Keyboarding for the Christian School Elementary Edition, Bible Road Trip Year Two, The Renaissance, and 3 more.  Value $251.47, Cost $39
Elementary Curriculum Bundle - HUGE Savings!

Just for Boys Bundle

Frank Webster Adventure Audiobook Collection 1, Celebrating Manhood: A Rite of Passage Guide, Warfare by Duct Tape (choose title), Ten Great Adventurers, Of Knights and Fair Maidens, American Wars Volume 1, Transportion Alphabet Copywork, Dragons of the Bible Copywork, and 4 more.  Value $163.73, Cost $19

Bundle Just for Boys - HUGE Savings!
Just for Girls Bundle

Girls of American History Units 1-8, Mommy Why? A Titus 2 Story for Young Girls bundle, Heroines of the Past Bible Study, Thoughts of Mothers and Daughters, Raising Maidens of Virtue, and 6 more. Value: $198.68, Cost $19
A Bundle Your Girls Will LOVE!
Character Bundle

Lads and Ladies of Wisdom, The Children’s Character Building Collection – Set of 11 Titles, Proverbs People Book 1, Write Through the Bible: 10 Commandments (Cursive, ESV), Growing in Wisdom, God’s Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum, Family Bible Bites Devotional, and 7 more. Value $141.94, Cost $19.
Character Building Bundle  - HUGE Savings!
Middle School Bundle

Mastering Essential Math Skills: Pre-Algebra Concepts, Classical Astronomy Field Guide, Carbon Chemistry, The Picture Smart Bible New Testament, Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution, Book of Many Colors by How Great Thou Art, Overview of American Government and the Election Process with Study Guide, Creation vs Evolution: Learning How Science Supports the Bible, 100 Most Often Used Social Studies Vocabulary Words, and 3 more.  Value $241.19, Cost $39
Middle School Curriculum at a LOW Price - 85% off!
High School Bundle

For You They Signed: The Spiritual Heritage of Those who Shaped Our Nation, Nutrition 101, The Picture Smart Bible Old Testament, British Literature, How Great Thou Art, Mastering Essential Math Skills: Geometry, Teach Your Students How to Take Notes, Unlock the Secrets of Compare-and-Contrast Writing, We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution, and 2 more. Value $288.82, Cost $39
Save Big on High School Curriculum!
Charlotte Mason Bundle

Simply Charlotte Mason: Your Business Math Pet Store, Considering God’s Creation Science, A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers, The Student’s Guide to Keeping an Art Journal, NaturExplorers Captivating Clouds, You Can Make Your Own Unit Study Using Charlotte Mason Methods, Write From History, and 5 more.  Value $236.50, Cost $49
Charlotte Mason Bundle of Curriculum  - HUGE Savings!

Copywork Bundle

Copywork Notebooking Pages Complete Set, American History Through Copywork and Dictation, Around the World Geography Copywork bundle, Write Through the Bible: 10 Commandments (Cursive, ESV), Learning to Speak Life Complete Copywork Companion, The ABCs of the Bible Scripture Copywork, Vincent Van Gogh Copywork bundle, Grammar Copywork, Town Mouse Country Mouse Copywork, and 3 more. Value $207.61, Cost $12
Copywork Bundle  - HUGE Savings!
Unit Study Bundle

Weather on the Move unit study, Delightful Planning: A Unit Study Planner for Every Homeschool, Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution, “Any Novel” Novel Study Guide, Sunflower Unit Study by See the Light, We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution, You Can Make Your Own Unit Study Using Charlotte Mason Methods, and 5 more. Value $174.83, Cost $19
Love Unit Studies? This Bundle is awesome - 89% off!

Fine Arts Bundle

Beethoven Who? Family Fun With Music, Fine Art Pages Collections 1 and 2, Feed My Sheep by How Great Thou Art, Modern Craft Book, Book of Many Colors, Historical Skits, Vincent Van Gogh Notebooking and Copywork, and 2 more. Value $206.43, Cost $29
Fine Arts Bundle - SAVE BIG!
Mom Bundle #1

Mom’s Toolbelt, Activity Days for Homeschool Groups and Families, Teaching Science and Having Fun, Create Your Own Leaning Portfolio on Any Subject, Teach Kids How to Cook, and 7 more. Value $126.75, Cost $12
Bundle for Mom - Only $12!
Mom Bundle #2 (Christ-centered)

Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit, Wait Only Upon God: 40 Days of Praying the Scriptures In The Waiting, Hope for the Heart of the Homeschool Mom, Home Improvement: The Parenting Book You Can Read to Your Kids, My Brother’s Keeper Junior and Youth Bundle, Complete Personal and Homeschool Planner, I’d Rather Be Your Mommy, and 5 more. Value $143.89, Cost $12.
A Bundle for the Christ-Centered Mom  - HUGE Savings!
Secular Bundle

Human Body Detectives (choose one), Ellen McHenry’s Science Curriculum (choose one), Math Essentials (choose one), Mom’s Toolbelt, Warfare by Duct Tape (choose one), English Lessons Through Literature, Draw Around the World USA, Girls of American History units 1-8, Fine Art Pages Collections 1 and 2, and 9 more. Value $445.27, Cost $69
Bundle for Secular Homeschoolers - Save 85%!
Notebooking Bundle

Spanish 1 Interactive Notebook, People of the Bible Notebooking Unit Volumes 1 and 2, Hands on Africa, Hands on Europe, 3-D Notebooking Pages Templates and Mini-Books, Vincent van Gogh Notebooking Pages, Wildflower Notebooking Pages, Tree Notebooking Pages, Shark Notebooking Pages, and 2 more.  Value $122.76, Cost $12
Notebooking Bundle - Only $12
Special Needs Bundle

Super Star Speech, Learning in Spite of Lables, ASL ABCs, Too Wise to Be Mistaken Too Good to Be Unkind, Dyslexia 101, and 3 more. Value: $80.33, Cost $10
Bundle for Special Needs Families - Only $10
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Review of A+ Interactive Math

A Plus Interactive Math review

Here is a new curriculum review for you today:

A+ Interactive Math

I specifically gained online access to the

Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan.

I tried out A+ Interactive Math with 6 of my children.  For some it worked better than others.

My oldest son just finished Pre-Algebra with another math curriculum.  I decided it would be a good idea for him to take the A+ Tutorsoft Pre-Algebra math Adaptive Placement Test as a final exam. He discovered that there were some subjects in the exam that weren’t covered in his other curriculum, so he’ll be doing those lessons through A+ Interactive Math.  Math curricula can be different, so I’m happy to know that this will fill out his math learning for the year.

A+ Interactive Math

The child we used A+ Interactive Math with the most was my 8-year-old son.  He took 1-3 tests daily until we finished the whole Adaptive Placement Test (13 separate mini-tests in the 2nd grade test).  He was at grade level for some topics and not for a few others.  Then he started in with the lessons which he worked on most weekdays.  They are divided into categories (addition, subtraction, money, etc.) and then into specific lessons.  I let him skip around to different categories, as long as he went in order with the lessons contained there.  After watching the lesson (which took about 10 minutes) he did the online worksheet.  If he couldn’t finish it for some reason, it would be saved so he could come back to it later.

Adaptive Math Placement Test

He did enjoy doing this math curriculum. He definitely prefers learning and practicing math on the computer as opposed to any other way. I liked that the Adaptive Placement Test told me exactly where he needed more help, so we could focus on those areas in the lessons. The lessons were well presented. He understood them, and did well with the online worksheets. Even though it didn’t work well for some of my other kids, I’m glad to have A+ Interactive Math for my 8-year-old son and think it will be great for my 14-year-old son who is working his way through the Adaptive Placement Test now and my 13-year-old son who just started it today.

I also had two instances where I called and emailed the company to ask questions. I received great customer service!

Adaptive Math Placement Test

We discovered that the Adaptive Placement Test wasn’t a good fit for my daughter with dyslexia. First of all, I needed to read the test to her (there wasn’t an option to click to have the questions read aloud). Then, when it was discovered by the exam that the questions were too difficult, they added a whole new set of questions. This meant that the exam was too long for her to be able to focus. She began to get very frustrated, but we couldn’t stop because it’s a timed exam and if you stop, you’ll have to start over from the very beginning. I decided not to use A+ Tutorsoft with her after that initial day.

Another student who took the Adaptive Placement Test was my 6-year-old daughter. It was nice that the 1st grade exam was broken up into different sections because at her age she couldn’t do too much every day.  After a couple of days of taking the test I decided not to use it with her, though.  I don’t push formal math at this early of an age.  She did occasionally, throughout the review period, ask to do A+ Interactive Math, though, so she finished a few of the sections from the Adaptive Placement Test.

My 5th grade daughter got very frustrated after trying to take the Adaptive Placement Tests for three days.  It kept kicking her out of the exam, and not saving her answers.  Then she would have to start the whole test over.  I decided not to frustrate her with this experience any longer since she already has enough math frustration. I never found out why it was doing that with her particular exam.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan


Read more about it at  Top 12 Reasons to do Adaptive Placement Test w/Lessons and

Top 12 Reasons to use “Family Math package” program.

2-week 40% to 50% off sale on “Family Math Packages” and “Adaptive Placement Testing w/ Lessons” program from 5/4/2015 –  5/18/2015

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan


There are lots of freebies for homeschool families to try to make sure the program is a good fit for them before you make purchase.

Free Math Placement Test

Free Family Math Packages

Free Software Download

Free Single Grade Level

Free eBook

Follow A+ Interactive Math on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APlusTutorSoft
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aplustutorsoft
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/aplustutorsoft
Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

A+ Interactive Math Review
Crew Disclaimer

SQUILT Sale for Music Appreciation

SQUILT spring 2015

Are you looking for an easy way to do some Music Appreciation with your kids?  Be sure to get this great inexpensive curriculum called SQUILT (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time) while it’s on sale Monday and Tuesday.  It includes notebooking pages, links to music to listen to, and is very affordable.

If you’d like to read my reviews on the different volumes see these:  Volume 1 Baroque, Volume 2 Classical,  Volume 3 Romantic, Volume 4 Modern, and Christmas Carols.

Here are some pictures of my daughter enjoying SQUILT!

SQUILT Christmas Carols 019

SQUILT Christmas Carols 023

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Introducing the NEW Educents Marketplace

Introducing the NEW Educents Marketplace

I just received an email from the founders of Educents, Kate and Kaitlyn, with some really exciting news. Until today, Educents was a website for parents and educators to take advantage of daily deals. But those deals expired… And there were only 50 deals available at once… I wanted saving money to be even EASIER. Kate and Kaitlyn agreed. So they created the new Educents Marketplace. It’s even easier to discover affordable educational resources that make learning FUN!


Thousands of new products – Educents Sellers can now offer ALL of their bestsellers on the new Educents Marketplace. There’s a wide variety of worksheets, lesson plans, educational apps and toys. Shop The Young Scientists Club, Scholastic, Workman Publishing, Alpha Omega Publishing, Life of Fred books, hundreds of printable units created by educators, and more!

Offers that NEVER expire – Sellers can offer our favorite educational products year-round. Once a deeply discounted Daily Deal expires, you can still find that product available on Educents at the lowest price.

Discovery – It’s easier to search on Educents. Search for your kiddos’ interests like Minecraft or Frozen-inspired resources, and then sort by grade level, subject, brand, and more!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.36.15 AM

Follow your favorite brands and Sellers – The “Follow Me” feature lets me add my favorite Sellers to a list. Click the heart on the Seller Storefront. You can also see which Sellers are the most popular with other shoppers!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 5.59.18 PM

The Educents Marketplace is exactly what I want it to be — the best place for parents and educators to find the resources I NEED at an affordable price.


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Review of “Write for Life” Research Papers by Karen Lange

I’m happy to review Write for Life Volume One: Writing the Research Paper by Karen Lange.

Do you remember writing research papers when you were young?  I remember writing about Saturn, The Effect of Ethylene on Growing Bean Plants, Reasons Airplanes Crash, A Correlation Between Rock Music and Suicide Rates, and The History of the Piano.

Since my oldest kids are now in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades I know that it’s time to teach them to write a research paper.  But I was really hoping for a great guideline to lead them (and me) through the process.

I have found it with Write for Life: Volume One: Writing the Research Paper!  It’s a very easy-to-follow downloadable e-book curriculum that guides kids through the research writing process with 8 lessons in 52 pages.  It could take 8 weeks, or spread out the assignments (give them longer to complete them) and it could take a whole semester.  The price is only $.99!

Here is what you will find in Write for Life: Volume One: Writing the Research Paper:

Assignment Schedule:

  • Week One – Topic, several preliminary sources, and rough thesis statement
  • Week Two – Remainder of preliminary sources and revised thesis statement draft
  • Week Three – Working outline, any additional sources and revisions to thesis statement
  • Week Four – Pages one through three of rough draft, any additional revisions
  • Week Five – Finish rough draft, any additional sources
  • Week Six – First revisions of rough draft, rough draft of Works Cited Page
  • Week Seven – Additional revisions to rough draft and Works Cited Page
  • Week Eight – Final draft and Works Cited Page

Along with these assignments you have several pages to read through and study in order to learn how to do it.  For example, with Week One Karen gives lots of ideas of how to go about picking a topic for the research paper.  She gives examples of how to narrow the topic, so it’s not too hard to write about it.

I loved the various brainstorming ideas she gave.  I know kids could really have fun with those.

She also gives links to websites to get more information about writing.

You could certainly change things if you want to, but I like how the assignments and rubrics are so specific.  For example, she says to use a minimum of fives sources and that three of them need to be print books.

Also, at the end of each lesson is a “Just For Fun” activity such as finding out the true stories behind inventors of candies or cookies!

A rubric is included so the students know to check off the guidelines to make sure they aren’t missing anything in their writing.  This was very helpful for me, as the teacher.

Other subjects taught on are plagiarism, taking notes with note cards, writing an outline, and the bibliography/works cited page.


The next book Karen Lange is working on is:

Write for Life Volume Two: Essay Writing

This book offers ready to use lessons for grades 7-12 that guide students through the essay writing process. Suitable for homeschool families, co-ops, or other student groups, these eight lessons break down the steps from start to finish with helpful tips, instruction, practice, and encouragement.

Lesson topics include:

  • Essay basics and structure
  • Choosing topics and sources
  • Taking good notes
  • Thesis statements and outlines
  • Developing content
  • Revision and editing
  • MLA style source documentation
  • Preparing for the test essay

(Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Write for Life
in order to write this honest review.  This post also contains affiliate links.)