Homeschool Essentials: Math-U-See Decimal Street lapbook for “Alpha”

Math-U-See Decimal Street lapbook 003

        Today is Day 3 of “5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials” and I’m sharing about my favorite math elementary math curriculum: Math-U-See. I love that this curriculum has the lessons on DVD (Steve Demme is funny and connects well with the kids). But most of all I like his approach of trying to help the kids “see” math rather than just memorizing how to do it. One of my children just started with the Alpha level. Place {Read More}

Homeschool Essentials: Antarctica Unit Study/ Penguin Lapbook Resources

Penguin lapbook

    This week I’m joining the 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials blog hop.  Come back here each day this week to find out some of my favorite homeschooling resources.   And down at the bottom of the post you’ll find links to other blogs! Today I’m sharing about the fun unit study we just completed about Antarctica and Penguins.  We’ve been studying world geography, and this was the perfect time to get to Antarctica.  It was even -18 degrees {Read More}

11 Days of Veteran’s Day Activities

11 Days of Veteran's Day Activities for Kids

Looking for Veteran’s Day Activities? I’m working on a special ebook called 11 Days of Veteran’s Day Activities which is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2015! Sign up for my newsletter to be informed when it’s ready! Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name Veteran’s Day is coming soon!  Are you looking for some fun Veteran’s Day activities to do with your kids?  Look at these great ones at Educents!  And check {Read More}

Apologia Swimming Creatures Final Post

Ocean Boxes-Rays and Sharks 011

We had an absolutely wonderful time studying science this year using Apologia’s Exploring Creation With Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.  This was the fourth of the elementary Exploring Creation books that we have done.  And I have loved all of them!  Jeanne Fulbright loves the Lord and brings her understanding of God’s creation to all of her readers.  We become fascinated with not only what He made but how he made everything!  We also learn about what evolutionists {Read More}

From House to Home {Link Party}: Little House in the Big Woods

Little House in the Big Woods Lapbook and Projects

As I mentioned last week we started reading Little House in the Big Woods. We were able to get to a few projects this week.   Here are some pictures of our lapbook (you can find the printables free at Lapbook Lessons.) There is a “Making Cheese” wheel and a felt pocket sewed up (to remember when Laura’s pocket ripped. They decorated the little house in the woods. Here are some of the animals mentioned in the book.   And {Read More}

From House to Home {Link Party}: The Little House’s Clove Apple

Clove Apple 001

Today at “From House to Home” I’d like to share about the new literature unit study that we’ve started.  It’s on one of my favorite all-time book series:  The Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We’re almost finished with the first book Little House in the Big Woods.  My girls (ages 4, 8, and 9) are enthralled!  My 6-year-old son is also listening in. They’ve started a fun lapbook, we’ve sung some of the songs, and we {Read More}

CurrClick Homeschool Spirit Week

It’s Homeschool Spirit Week at CurrClick, which means that you can get lots of Freebies this week.  Click below to find the schedule of events!  There’s a fun contest and a nice freebie for today.   There is one freebie on the homepage of CurrClick, as well, this week–Ancient Rome lapbook with study guide by A Journey Through Learning.  We’ve done several of their lapbooks;  they’re high quality!   Also here’s the top seller right now:  Fall Book Bag with {Read More}

Alaska/ Sled Dog/ Iditarod unit study and lapbook

Alaska Iditarod Unit Study Lapbook

We’ve had a fun time this last month studying Sled Dogs, Alaska, and the Iditarod.  Here are the books and videos used in our study: The Incredible Life of Balto by Meghan McCarthy The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto by Natalie Standiford Iditarod Dream: Dusty and His Sled Dogs Compete in Alaska’s Jr. Iditarod by Ted Wood Balto (DVD) Toughest Race on Earth:  Iditarod (DVD, more for older kids and adults) This last resource was a documentary {Read More}

Beaver Lapbook

A while ago we did a fun unit study on beavers.  We found lots of great books at the library and watched a neat documentary on Youtube.   The materials for the lapbook were from Hands of a Child, called Busy as a Beaver.   It’s on sale at Curr Click right now!     Purchase this lapbook at Currclick! (Contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting I Choose Joy!)

Dinosaur Unit Study and Lapbook

Dinosaur Lapbook Ideas

In January we did a unit study and lapbook on dinosaurs (after my 5-year-old son has begged me for months!) We read through an incredible book called Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham. We also like the DVD set Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel by Ken Ham and Buddy Davis If you want to learn about dinosaurs from a biblical perspective, get some of these Answers in Genesis materials!  Yes, God created dinosaurs on Days 5 and 6, along with the other animals.  Yes, {Read More}

Free Super Bowl Mini Helper from CurrClick

Here is a free Super Bowl Mini Helper available from CurrClick.  My 9 yo son is excited to put this together! (Contains affiliate links.  Thanks for supporting I Choose Joy!)

Information about Lapbooks

I have just updated this post and added it to a page.  On it you’ll find links to all the lapbooks we’ve done, complete with pictures and info about where to find them on the web!   The one-stop shopping place for lapbooks is CurrClick. Here are some other websites where lapbooks are sold: Notebooking Pages (lined paper) Images and Clip-Art for Lapbooks University of Texas Timelines (images) (This post contains affilate {Read More}

Industrial Revolution Through Great Depression lapbook

The Industrial Revolution thru Great Depression Lapbook

  We have really enjoyed using the history materials from Homeschool in the Woods.  Here is the most recent lapbook my second son put together, of the time period Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression. Here are the books we read for our Industrial Revolution through Great Depression study.

Get Ready to Celebrate Reformation Day

The post about Celebrating Reformation Day has moved here.

Johnny Appleseed lapbook

Here’s a fun Johnny Appleseed lapbook to do from A Journey Through Learning.  After reading a few books about Johnny Appleseed, my 7-year-old daughter loved putting this one together.

September 11 lapbook review

I’m sure we’re all aware that Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the attack on our country.  I felt like my 3 oldest kids were old enough this year to study about September 11.  We decided to do the Hands of a Child lapbook (which is only $1 if you buy it before September 11! I received this lapbook for free in order to do this review. This particular project pack was written for grades 2nd through 8th.  The {Read More}

School projects from last year, including Civil War lapbook

Civil War Lapbook

Still trying to get the rest of the pictures up that I missed from last year. Here are a couple of projects we did: Built a suspension bridge. Models of the heart with graham crackers.   Lots of reading. Civil War lapbook (from Homeschool in the Woods).   Depicting Easter with Legos:

Revolutionary War unit study and lapbook

Revolutionary War Lapbook

  After Colonial Times, we started studying the Revolutionary War.  We didn’t get to much into battles, since my kids are so young, but my oldest son read about them a bit. Here are the books we read: Johnny Tremain How to be a Revolutionary War Soldier (Ratliff) Annie Henry and the Secret Mission (Olasky) Annie Henry and the Birth of Liberty (Olasky) Buttons for General Washington (Roop) Land Battles of the Revolutionary War (Smolinski) Boston Tea Party (Furstinger) Growing {Read More}

Colonial Times Unit Study and Lapbook

Colonial Times Unit and Lapbook

Our next big study of the year was about the Colonial days of America.  Here are some of the books we read: Picture Books: Colonial Life–Kalman Colonial Crafts–Kalman Colonial Kids:  An Activity Guide—Carlson A Day in the Life of a Colonial Blacksmith–Wilmore A Day in the Life of a Colonial Printer–Wilmore A Day in the Life of a Colonial Wigmaker–Wilmore A Day in the Life a Colonial Silversmith–Wilmore The Thirteen Colonies–January Colonial Living–Tunis Sarah Morton’s Day–Waters Colonial America: Building Toward {Read More}

Explorers Unit Study and Lapbook

Last fall my oldest kids did an Explorers Unit Study and Lapbook.  (I know I’m a bit late in posting this, but better late than never!) We were able to go on a field trip last summer where we went on board two replicas of Columbus’ ships–The Nina and the Pinta.  The thing I was most amazed about these ships were that they were so small!  Here is the website so you can see if the ships will be sailing near {Read More}