Motivated Moms Planner Mother’s Day Sale

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All Motivated Moms products will be 50% off for Mother’s Day and the sale will run for four days – Friday, May 9th through Monday, May 12th!

What is Motivated Moms?

As homeschool moms, working moms, and really any women, I know a lot of us have a goal to get more organized.  I do, as well!  And the Motivated Moms planner is a great way to accomplish it!  What makes this chore system unique is that each chore is laid out for you–every day for the whole year.  Each day of the week has different chores.  And the once-in-a-while chores are sprinkled throughout the year, as well, so you don’t end up saying, ” Now when did I last. . . .?”  :)  You’ll finish up the year having done your “spring cleaning” but not doing it all at once!  It’s a schedule we all can do, with about 5-8 special tasks each day, in addition to your regular daily chores such as clean kitchen sink, read to children, Quiet Time, and exercise.

Some of the special tasks are: Sunday-make errand list, Monday-vacuum main floor, Tuesday-pay bills, Wednesday-dust children’s/guest room, Thursday-mop kitchen, Friday-change sheets, and Saturday-water indoor plants.  Chores that aren’t weekly are worked in throughout the month or year.  It’s very well thought out!  Here are some of my favorites that are included. (I usually never do these or at least not as often as I should because I just don’t think of them!):  Clean top of refrigerator, cut children’s nails, change furnace/AC filter, wash outside trash can, take dead leaves off of houseplants, clean computer screen and mouse, and clean front porch mat.


Here are the details:

The 2014 ebooks will be $4 when using the code HALFOFF.


Here is how I put together my printed out ebook planner:

Motivated Moms Planner

The 2014 apps for Android will be $3.99 at Google Play and Amazon, no code needed.

The iOS app will be 99¢ and a year subscription will be $3.99, no code needed.

Motivated Moms Review


Click over to Motivated Moms to see samples and to place your order!


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5 Days of Resources for New Year’s Resolutions: Motivated Moms Planner

Motivated Moms planner 001

We’ve made it to the fifth day of our “5 Days of Resources for New Year’s Resolutions.”  Be sure to check out some of my other favorite resources in the past 4 posts.

Today’s resolution is about our desire to have a clean and organized home.  Motivated Moms has made a great planner that tells us exactly what to do each day.  The tasks are in a check-off style and are very attainable for a busy woman to accomplish.  There’s a giveaway, so keep reading to the end!

Motivated Moms planner 002

The Motivated Moms planners  are also great because they include chores that you would never think about (or at least I never think about).  :)
They have brand new versions of the planners in color, but the original black and white versions are still available.  Here is a cover I made for my 2013 planner:
Motivated Moms Planner
Be sure to check out the website to see free samples.

Yay! There’s a great sale on Motivated Moms products from 12/31/13 thru 1/2/14.

  • The sale on ebooks will be the same as always – $2 off with a coupon code. The code is MM2014.
  • ebooks: $2 off with code MM2014 making them $6 (regularly $8)
  • Android 2014 app: price will be reduced to $5.99 (regularly $7.99)
  • iOS: app price will be reduced to 99¢ (regularly $1.99) and a year subscription will be $5.99 (regularly $7.99)

And now a giveaway!

Enter on the Rafflecopter app below to receive your choice of the 2014 Motivated Moms planner in e-book format or the IOS App! Winner will be chosen on January 7, 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Disclosure:  I received a copy of the 2014 Motivated Moms Half-Size Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading {Color} in order to give this honest review.  I am also an affiliate of Motivated Moms and this post contains affiliate links.)

Get Your Motivated Moms Planners: Less than Half Price!

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The Motivated Moms 2013 ebooks have been marked down to 1/2 price – ($4), but with the coupon FBFRIENDS you can get it for only $3!
This is a couple of days earlier than normal because they have also just created a version of the ebooks that runs from July 2013 through June 2014. Those are now available for $8– $7 with the coupon code! ( They had been getting requests from people who run their calendar on the school year, homeschoolers, especially.
I love how it tells you exactly what to do each day, and helps you get done jobs that usually get forgotten.  :)
You can read my review of the planner here.  These are awesome–at least check out the samples!

Motivated Moms Planner Sale!

New Motivated Moms rectangle

I forgot to remind you about the Motivated Moms planner sale yesterday, but it’s OK, because she has extended the sale until tomorrow (5/14/13)! If you’ve been feeling disorganized lately, and not sure what to do when, this planner has it all laid out for you!


Motivated Moms is a printable chore planning system to help you have a clean and organized home and still have time for yourself!

The code MOTHER is valid for $3 off ebooks through May 14th only.   The price on apps will be dropped to $4.99, so every product will be $4.99 or $5.  This is the best sale they’ve ever offered!  You might remember my review on these great planners.  They are sooo helpful!
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2013 Goals and Resolutions: Do Hard Things

Do Hard Things!

It’s my “word” of the year.  :)  I haven’t read the book Do Hard Things yet, but heard the young men speak about it on the radio.  It’s a goal for all of us to follow–to live our lives for Christ and graciously do the hard things He has called us to.


Here are my goals and resolutions for this year.  I have to be honest and tell you that I’ve already changed my mind about some of them since last week!

wedding announcement 002


1.  My big goal for this year is to get back to my “wedding” weight.  It’s been a few years, but I’m ready to make it happen.  I need to lose 19 pounds, 2 sizes.

One way I hope to accomplish this is by joining the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge, which starts on January 20.  I’m going to do a 4-day Boot Camp of Basic Workout Plus (started it yesterday) and then do that workout or Step Away the Inches at least every other day.  On the off days, I’ll do Hoe-Downs and OIP/HF (those exercises are found on the DVD included with Fit and Fabulous book.)

After the Challenge is over I’ll learn the T-Tapp Total Workout and Ladybug Workout, which I’ve had for a while but have never tried.  I plan to eat less fast food, desserts, and doughnuts and eat more salads, fruit, and veggies as well as drink 75 ounces of water daily.

If you want to join me in the 60-Day Challenge,–see it listed in the 2nd column on the T-Tapp website– there is still time to order a DVD or book.   Also, next Tuesday will be Deep Discount Tuesday–I don’t know what the special will be, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out!  And if you don’t know what T-Tapp is, check out What Is T-Tapp!


2.  Stay more on top of the Cleaning and Organizing of my house, using the Motivated Moms Planner.  I’ve already been using it for a week and have really liked the easy way it tells me what to do each day!  I also want to look at my Pinterest Boards to get some more great ideas!  I absolutely love this post over at Confessions of a Homeschooler and would like to try to set up our upstairs schoolroom and our basement craft room to be more learning-friendly and organized!

Motivated Moms Planner


3.  Read the Bible daily.  I was going to read through the Bible, but that’s too big a goal for this year.  I’ll read through a book at a time, starting with 1 Corinthians.  And I pray that the Lord will grow me this year; I long to be more like Him–more patient, more kind, more loving. . .

4.  Learn how to use my new camera and Photoshop Elements.  Improve the photos here on the blog.  Fix my blog header and make a blog button.

5.  Sew my oldest daughter’s quilt (finally!) and make dresses for the four girls.  I have all the material for the quilt, but need to decide what to do for the girls.  I have lots more I’d love to sew, but I’m not going to stress if I can’t get to it this year.

6.  Teach the kids two songs with parts (performance ready).  We’ll work on singing at least twice a week.  It has always been a dream for my husband and me for our family to sing together!


I’ll post updates on how things are going.  Let me know about your goals, too!


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