Quiet book cover–Pinterest Challenge

My final Quiet Book post!  Here is what the cover looks like.   I used ideas from this pin and this pin from Pinterest. There were several things I was thinking of as I designed the cover. I wanted it to have a handle, an inside pocket to quickly store loose items, and a thick outer material (I used denim) to protect the pages. I also wanted to use rings so that I could swap pages in and out as {Read More}

Quiet Book completed!

Yay!, after 3 months or so I have finished our Quiet Book.  I’ve been wanting to make one of these for years!  It was a bit easier than I expected because I participated in a Quiet Book page swap.  The other ladies made some wonderful pages!  See below for pictures of all the pages.  If you’d like tutorials or patterns, many of these are found on my Pinterest Quiet Book board. My five youngest kids (ages 1-8) have already loved {Read More}

Quiet Book–My Pages!

I’ve shared before about the Quiet Book page I made (times 11) for the page swap. When I received the other pages, I decided to make three more that were VERY easy! The first was inspired by a page using old overalls. I didn’t have any overalls, but decided to use an old pair of jeans from my stash.  There are 4 activities on this page:  zipper, button, Velcro, and snap! The second was for practicing tying a bow and braiding. {Read More}

A Very Tired Baby!

I’m finished with my Quiet Book pages! I’ll be mailing them off tomorrow. Yeah! During one of my sewing sessions, I put my 19-month-old in the “Tiger Bouncy” to keep him happy while I used the sewing machine.  Then I looked over and saw this!  What a tired baby!    

Quiet Books

Ever since my first child was born, I’ve wanted to make a quiet book.  When I started pinning things on Pinterest a few months ago, I renewed my desire.  However, every time I started to think it though I’d get discouraged by how much work and time it would take to complete a full book.  But now I have now found a way to do it!  Rebecca at Better Life Bags blog has put together a Quiet Book Page Swap. {Read More}