Review: Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets review

I have just been introduced to an amazing site! I have the Individual Membership to the website Super Teacher WorksheetsThey have over 10,000 online printable PDF worksheets in almost any subject you can think of for grades Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Elementary.

Super Teacher Worksheets 1

Just check out the categories you can choose from:

  • Math
  • Reading & Writing
  • Phonics & Early Literacy
  • Handwriting
  • Grammar
  • Spellings Lists & Worksheets (Gr. 1-5)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Map Skills
  • Holiday
  • Puzzles & Brain Teasers
  • Teacher Helpers (like Award Certificates)
  • Homeschool Helpers
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Make Your Own Worksheets (like Wordsearch, Fill-in-the-Blank)

Super Teacher Worksheets 3

Super Teacher Worksheets 2

Here is how I used Super Teacher Worksheets:

I first took some time to explore the site. There is so much there that it’s fun just to go “window shopping!” Then I looked for some specific worksheets for subjects we were already working on. See below for descriptions of only a few that we used. Some of them I took pictures of before they wrote on them. 🙂

All my elementary-aged kids loved these color by number sheets. There are lots of choices: animals, airplane, holiday pictures, etc.  Some simply have the number; others have a math equation to solve first like you see above.

Super Teacher Worksheets coloring

The printables are not all worksheets; some are games to put together like the cube below. This one is for reading comprehension–or an oral book report! You roll it and answer the question that is on top. The questions are:

  • What is the setting of this story?
  • Which character is the most like yourself? Why?
  • What is your favorite part of this story? Why?
  • Was this story funny, serious, scary, or sad, or happy? Why?
  • Who are the main characters in this story?
  • What is the main problem in this story?


There are lots of different types of worksheets and games for doing these book report activities.



These next two are examples of worksheets that are available for a particular season.

016 017

This next one was fun to do on the first day of school.


Super Teacher Worksheets is really nice to include the answer sheets to the worksheets as you can see in the following example.

020 021

They have so many different topics of math. So, if you have a child who needs extra work in odd/even, finding the perimeter, multiplication facts, counting money, etc. you can find it!


I also loved the variety of science worksheets they have. See these on the butterfly life cycle, a cut-and-paste one on the solar system, and another about vertebrate classification. 023 024    028

One great thing about the site is that you can save the worksheets in a couple of ways: in “My File Cabinet” on their site or download and store on your computer. I like the My File Cabinet feature because you can store all your favorites there and print them out when you want.

Super Teacher Worksheets is extremely affordable, too. It’s only $19.95 a year! They also have Spanish translations of many of their worksheets.

I’m really happy to have an annual membership. With kids in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 6th grade, I know I’ll be using a lot of these during the next year.

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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