Awesome Deal for T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday!

You all know how much I rave about T-Tapp! You don’t want to miss out on today’s specials! Only available Tuesday 5/17/16. The first is for the Basic Workout Plus. This is the basic workout dvd for all of T-Tapp. It includes the instructional so you’ll learn exactly how to do each move. It’s a 15-minute workout that will change your body! #1 – 50% discount on Basic Workout Plus including 2 bonus DVDs – Barefoot Basic and Basic Plus {Read More}

Get Your T-Tapp Exercise DVDs!

>>>4/19/16 is Deep Discount Tuesday, and you can get 30% off all Starter Systems and Variety Workouts! T-Tapp doesn’t have these kinds of sales often, so take advantage of it today!<<< I’ve been raving about T-Tapp exercise for years.  Other than walking outside, it’s the only exercise that I do.  I love how you can do a full workout in such a short time – 15 to 20 minutes. That’s all I have time for. And it really gets me {Read More}

T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday

If you’re like me, you gained a few pounds over the summer. 🙁 It’s time to get back to a good schedule, both for school and for exercising. I love T-Tapp because I can get a great work-out in for less time. It’s perfect for us busy moms! I usually only exercise 15-25 minutes a day.  Read more about my T-Tapp success here. These discounts are only available through Tuesday 8/18, so don’t miss them! If you’re new to T-Tapp, definitely {Read More}

T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday Sale

This month’s T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday sale is for 35% off all T-Tapp Brand Products. Use Code MAY19 In the Skin Care & Cellulite Control category you will find many products to help you help yourself have tighter, smoother, cellulite-free skin! The CRT Systems & Products category includes all of the products that go along with the body brushing program including the CRT Brushing DVD and body brush combos. Get firmer, tighter skin! The Skin Saver Series category includes this entire {Read More}

T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday

  Yay! It’s time for another T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday.  There are two great deals for today, 4/21/15. 1. Buy One Get One Free on Digest Plus (no limits), a proprietary blend of enzymes for optimal digestion and assimilation. 2. Deep Discount Tuesday Workout Set: “Step it to the Max” & “Warm Up Workout #3” for only $25 (Retail $46.90).  I just started doing “Step it to the Max.” I haven’t made it to the end, but I love the first 30 {Read More}

T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday: Total Workout only $40!

This is an awesome sale today–and today only (Tuesday 2/17/15)!  You can get the T-Tapp Total Workout for only $40 (retails for $79.95), with free shipping, even internationally! ***Total Workout is featured in Chapters 4 and 5 of Teresa’s book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes*** T-Tapp Total Workout DVD only $40.00 and FREE SHIPPING (retail $79.95 – that’s $40.00 off)! Use Code TW1 THIS SPECIAL RUNS TODAY ONLY (2/17/2015) The T-Tapp Total Workout DVD includes: Instructional Workout #1: teaches {Read More}

T-Tapp January Special: $10 off Senior Fit exercise DVD

  Here’s a wonderful T-Tapp special deal for January! The Senior Fit DVD is $10 off with code SFWOS! What is Senior Fit? It’s an exercise DVD especially made for the older crowd.  I love how it helps get seniors stronger, in shape, and more flexible, but at the same time focuses on ways to keep them from injuring themselves. From the website it looks like you’ll also get FREE SHIPPING and these extra DVDs!  Retail Value Over $119.00: Finger & {Read More}

My “Get Healthy in 2015” Update #1

I’m really excited!  As you may remember I have decided to get healthy for 2015.  I have already lost 4 pounds and 7 1/2 inches after 8 days of T-Tapp exercise and 5 days of clean eating (Daniel Plan 10-Day Detox diet: no sugar, no gluten, no dairy)!  This was really a challenge for me because I doubt I have ever gone a single day in my life sugar/gluten/ and dairy free.  I love my sweets, bread, and cheese!  But {Read More}

T-Tapp Giveaway: Prize Pack (Book, 4 DVDs, 2 CDs)

I am so excited to offer this awesome T-Tapp giveaway today!  It’s a T-Tapp Prize pack including the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp, 4 DVDs, and 2 CDs.   T-Tapp is an exercise program, and it’s the only one I enjoy doing!  I have been doing various T-Tapp workouts for about 4 years (off and on), and am back to being consistent with it. What I love about T-Tapp is that it is such a {Read More}

Use T-Tapp to Ward off the Weight Gain During the Holidays!

  In January I’m going to push to finally lose the last 15 pounds that I haven’t lost since my last baby.  But until then I am determined NOT to gain any more weight during this holiday season!  Here is how I plan to do it: T-Tapp exercise workouts! I completed Day 3 of a 4-day boot camp this morning.  I am doing the Basic Work-out Plus DVD for four days in a row.  Then I will do a T-Tapp {Read More}

T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday: Finger and Foot Fitness!

I know a lot of us have feet and hand problems.  Here is T-Tapp Fitness to the rescue!  (See on the right hand side where it says Current Top Sellers if you are on the Store page or at the bottom in a Star that says Deep Discount Tuesday on the Home page.) Personally, I have arthritis in my hands and plantar fasciitis in my feet!  I can certainly use Teresa’s expertise! Finger & Foot Fitness is more than 50% {Read More}

T-Tapp’s “Step Away the Inches” is only $11.25!

I have finally had enough of this extra weight I’m carrying around.  If you know me, you know I don’t like to exercise.  But I do know how important it is.  That’s why I’ve started up with T-Tapp again.  I did a 4-day Boot Camp of the Basic Workout Plus and have made a committment to exercise at least 5 days a week.  I love T-Tapp because it works for people like me: *don’t like to exercise *don’t have time {Read More}

T-Tapp’s Premium Alfalfa on sale today!

T-Tapp’s TOP selling product, Premium Blended Alfalfa, is this month’s Deep Discount Tuesday! I’m getting this one today! This Tuesday ONLY (6/17/14) Buy 1 bottle of Premium Blended Alfalfa and get a second bottle for FREE! LIMIT OF 3 SETS (6 BOTTLES TOTAL). Click here to purchase: T-Tapp’s Premium Blended Alfalfa Alfalfa is one of the few plant sources of vitamin K. It’s considered a “food”, not an herb or vitamin and it’s safe to take with any type of {Read More}

T-Tapp Sale: Free Shipping until 4/21

  Have you been waiting for a T-Tapp Sale? You can get free shipping for a $50 order until 4/21/14! What is T-Tapp? Read about my T-Tapp successes here!   My suggestions on what to buy: For Beginners: The book Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes, The Basic Workout Plus DVD, TappCore DVD, and Step Away the Inches DVD     (Post contains affiliate links.)

Get T-Tapp’s Digest Plus for 50% off today only!

Deep Discount Tuesday for 2/18/14 ONLY is Digest Plus for 50% off! Save $24.98 – try Digest Plus today! Retail $49.95 “Help your body help itself improve digestion, assimilation and reduce inflammation – ALL key factors for easier weight loss and weight management. YES YOU CAN with Digest Plus!” – Teresa Tapp Read more about T-Tapp at this post.  🙂   (Post contains affiliate links.)  

5 Days of Resources for New Year’s Resolutions: T-Tapp

Today’s resolution resource is for the quintessential New Year’s Resolution–exercise! Since the only exercise I like is T-Tapp, that’s what I’m sharing with you today. One of the best exercises is OIP (Organs in Place) and Half-Frogs, which is on the DVD included with Teresa Tapp’s book Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes. It’s the T-Tapp secret to a flat stomach! Awesome December special: 5 DVDs for $49.95: The Basic Plus and Step Away Set includes the 15-Minute Basic Workout {Read More}

T-Tapp Cyber Monday Sale & My December Fitness Goals

If you missed Friday’s sale, you can still get the T-Tapp workouts for 25% off on Monday, and the 3 Starter Systems are 50% off! Use the coupon code GIFT25 on Monday, December 2. As we begin this last month of the year, I thought I’d make and share some fitness goals I have. 1. To lose 5 pounds during December 2. To exercise at least 4 times a week. 3. To drink enough water daily 4. To take my {Read More}

Great Deals at T-Tapp Today Only!

  Yay–I exercised today!  I sure needed it after all I ate yesterday.  We had 30 people at our home for Thanksgiving.  It was a beautiful family time of sharing, singing, eating, and praying together. But, now I need to get back in shape.  I’ve really been lazy with my exercising lately, and I’m feeling weaker and my clothes are tighter. So, I’m going to do something I can actually do–T-Tapp!  To read more about how I use it and {Read More}

Today’s the Day to Get the T-Tapp Basic Workout!

Today is Deep Discount Tuesday at T-Tapp and you can get 50% Off the T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus – the 15-minute workout that WORKS! If you’ve never tried T-Tapp, this is the best workout to start with. It includes a full instructional where Teresa explains in detail how to do each move. T-Tapp is all about form–not repetition or using fancy equipment or spending an hour. In fact, this full workout is only 15 minutes long! Join thousands of others {Read More}

T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday: Step Away the Inches set

Here is a wonderful set of T-Tapp DVDs, on sale only on Tuesday, July 16, 2013. Get Step Away the Inches (2 miles in 25 minutes) and Step It to the Max (5 miles in 50 minutes) for only $20 today! Use the T-Tapp methods to really burn off those inches and get fit right at home! If you want some great cardio that will work for all fitness levels and all body types, you’ll love these DVDs! Click here {Read More}