T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday: Finger and Foot Fitness!

I know a lot of us have feet and hand problems.  Here is T-Tapp Fitness to the rescue!  (See on the right hand side where it says Current Top Sellers if you are on the Store page or at the bottom in a Star that says Deep Discount Tuesday on the Home page.)

Personally, I have arthritis in my hands and plantar fasciitis in my feet!  I can certainly use Teresa’s expertise!

Finger & Foot Fitness is more than 50% off.  Normally $39.95, get Finger & Foot Fitness for only $16.50!  71 minutes of help for your hands and feet!

Deep Discount Tuesday offer valid through midnight on 08/19/14.

Remember, the foundation of fitness starts in the fingers and the feet.  Finger and Foot Fitness can help to wake up your neuro-kinetic connection all the way to the furthest extremities.  Therefore, can actually attain better muscle activation and, over time, better results!

Yes You Can!  

Check out this Finger Fitness video here:


Here are a few of my other favorite T-Tapp DVDs:

Basic Workout Plus (get a great 15-minute workout without spending an hour!)

TappCore (9 short moves, great for kids too!)

Step Away the Inches (25 minutes, great 2-mile workout)

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T-Tapp’s “Step Away the Inches” is only $11.25!

I have finally had enough of this extra weight I’m carrying around.  If you know me, you know I don’t like to exercise.  But I do know how important it is.  That’s why I’ve started up with T-Tapp again.  I did a 4-day Boot Camp of the Basic Workout Plus and have made a committment to exercise at least 5 days a week.  I love T-Tapp because it works for people like me:

*don’t like to exercise

*don’t have time to exercise

*don’t have the $$ to go to a gym

*prefer to work-out at home for lot of different reasons

The Basic Work-out Plus is awesome because you can see results doing it, and it’s only 15 minutes a day!

But the work-out I do when I don’t have much motivation is “Step Away the Inches.”  It’s a great walking work-out that will get your muscles activated and your heart rate up, and it’s only 25 minutes long for 2 miles!


If you want to read more about the T-Tapp method and why you’ll see results with shorter work-outs, be sure to read Teresa’s book “Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes!”  She explains all about comprehensive compound muscle movement, the T-Tapp stance which activates far more muscles than typical exercises, and why her exercises require concentration–not time–to see results!

Get “Step Away the Inches” for $11.25 on Tuesday 7/15/14 only for the Deep Discount Tuesday sale.  (Just click on the Deep Discount Tuesday banner!)

Or get “Step Away the Inches” and “Step it to the Max” (50 minutes) for only $20!

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T-Tapp’s Premium Alfalfa on sale today!

T-Tapp’s TOP selling product, Premium Blended Alfalfa, is this month’s Deep Discount Tuesday! I’m getting this one today!

This Tuesday ONLY (6/17/14) Buy 1 bottle of Premium Blended Alfalfa and get a second bottle for FREE! LIMIT OF 3 SETS (6 BOTTLES TOTAL).

Click here to purchase: T-Tapp’s Premium Blended Alfalfa

Alfalfa is one of the few plant sources of vitamin K. It’s considered a “food”, not an herb or vitamin and it’s safe to take with any type of medication without side effects. Alfalfa also contains 8 digestive enzymes, numerous trace minerals (like calcium/magnesium) and high quantities of Vitamins A, D and E. Alfalfa is plant protein so it naturally assists the body in elimination of “puffiness” caused by water retention without depletion of body nutrients whether it be from excess carb consumption or hormonal during menstrual cycle. In fact, the American Dermatology Association clinically proved (published in May ’99) that alfalfa reverses aging of the skin of the face (however, skin is ONE organ that covers the entire body, not just the face). That’s because the nutrients in alfalfa enable the body to produce its own collagen to the level where skin can “tighten”, varicose veins can lessen and dark circles under the eyes disappear.

Alfalfa is also alkaline producing so it can help offset acid imbalance created from sugar, processed foods and/or meat. Our bodies NEED alkalinity – most of us are too acidic. Alfalfa has also been clinically proven to be anti-cancerous and as an effective anti-inflammatory without any side effects. Great for those with arthritis, joint injuries and/or muscle soreness from overuse. It really stimulates hair and fingernail growth too.

Premium Blended Alfalfa from Better Body Basics is of optimal quality, organic and pesticide free but what really makes it special is the way it has been processed so nutrients remain in tact without any alteration to protein molecular properties. That’s why you will not gain weight with Premium Blended Alfalfa. Additionally, the percentage of protein in Premium Blended Alfalfa is 25 to 27% (most good quality alfalfa is in range of 21-22%). Reason the Premium Blended Alfalfa is higher is because the crop is sprayed with ionic minerals during growth. Last of all, alfalfa can help the body with hormonal balance. Intake of alfalfa stimulates the Pituitary Gland, which in turn regulates hormone balance including internal release of Human Growth Hormone (shown in clinical studies at the National Institute of Health). You can read more about the many benefits of alfalfa on the Internet.

T-Tapp’s Premium Blended Alfalfa is safe for autoimmune diseases such as, Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, etc. The main reason is because our brand does not have any seeds or sprouts.

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T-Tapp Sale: Free Shipping until 4/21


Have you been waiting for a T-Tapp Sale? You can get free shipping for a $50 order until 4/21/14! What is T-Tapp? Read about my T-Tapp successes here!


My suggestions on what to buy:

For Beginners:

The book Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes, The Basic Workout Plus DVD, TappCore DVD, and Step Away the Inches DVD



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Get T-Tapp’s Digest Plus for 50% off today only!

Deep Discount Tuesday for 2/18/14 ONLY is Digest Plus for 50% off!

Save $24.98 – try Digest Plus today!
Retail $49.95

“Help your body help itself improve digestion, assimilation and reduce inflammation – ALL key factors for easier weight loss and weight management. YES YOU CAN with Digest Plus!” – Teresa Tapp

Read more about T-Tapp at this post.  :)


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