“Go to Chick-fil-A” Day

In honor of “Go to Chick-fil-A” Day, enjoy this one from Tim Hawkins! If there is one near you, be sure to go and support them today!    

Tax Day: “The Government Can”

In “honor” of Tax Day, I thought you might enjoy Tim Hawkin’s “The Government Can.” Today is also Tax Freedom Day, which means (according to this website) that you have finally worked enough days this year to pay next year’s tax bill!

Funny Friday- Tim Hawkins on Walmart

Earlier in the week a friend from Facebook posted this: “reason no. 866 that I do not typically shop at walmart: the guy behind me in line is clipping his nails onto the floor…” Yuck!  But, it reminded me of this hilarious Tim Hawkins video!  (Only the first 2 minutes are about Walmart.)       (Contains affiliate links.  Thanks for supporting I Choose Joy!)

Funny Friday-Tim Hawkins Cracker Barrel

I love eating at the Cracker Barrel when we’re on vacation.  Tim Hawkins is hilarious in this one.  Now, I’m always careful which of my kids I’m sitting next to when we’re eating biscuits!

Funny Friday

As you may know, this week is our Anniversary week–13 years!  Thankfully, my husband has never said these things to me!

Funny Friday- Chick-Fil-A

When we go on vacations, one of the restaurants we always try to is Chick-Fil-A. If you love Chick-Fil-A, too, you’ll find this hilarious!