Trick or Treat $1000 Cash Giveaway! Plus 2 Halloween Costume ideas

Welcome to the Trick-or-Treat $1000 cash giveaway.  How exciting! Two special people will win $500 cash each! Before entering, I’d like to share with you about two of the fun costumes I’ve made for my kids. The first is a Jetpack that they can wear on their back.  You can find the full tutorial directions to make the Jetpack Costume here. Another very simple costume I’ve made is a Charlie Brown shirt (tutorial here). Perfect timing with the Peanuts Movie {Read More}

How to Make a 1920’s Dress and Cloche Hat

I shared a few days ago about the 1920’s Roaring Twenties Unit Celebration that our homeschool group had.  I bought clothes for my kids (and my husband bought a vest), but I decided to make my dress!  The common dress we think of in the 1920’s is the flapper dress, but ladies who dressed more conservatively often wore a dropped waist dress, so that’s what I made! Enjoy the following tutorial of how to make a 1920’s dress: 1.  I {Read More}

Tutorial: Robin Hood Costume for Stuffed Bear

It been such a long time since I’ve posted anything crafty here.  And even this Robin Hood costume for a small stuffed bear was done way back last May!  But enjoy this tutorial and let me know if you make the costume!   My kids are involved in Spotlight Youth Theater and they have the option to purchase a Show Bear for each show they are in.  It usually has the costume of the main character.  Last spring they performed {Read More}

Pinterest Challenge- Rag Quilt Potholder sewing kit

I joined another Busy Bag Swap, actually, two of them!  So, I’ll be sharing lots of ideas in the coming weeks.  Here is the activity I included in the Elementary Craft Bag swap: How to sew a Rag Quilt Potholder.  See below for the instructions that were included.  These Rag Quilt kits would also be great to make for Christmas Presents or to include in a travel bag or to keep those hands busy during read-aloud time!       {Read More}

Canning Crock Pot Apple Butter- A Tutorial

**Jars of this delicious homemade Apple Butter would make an awesome Christmas gift! Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name Are you ready to make some yummy apple butter? My husband LOVES it, so I’ve been making lots every fall for the past few years.  Here’s the recipe: Crock Pot Apple Butter 20 apples, cored and cut into pieces (keep skins on) 2 cups apple cider (or substitute apple juice or water) 3 cups {Read More}

How to Freeze Tomatoes

  Have you ever had this happen?  You get a bunch of tomatoes out of your garden or from a friend.  They sit on your counter-top day after day after day.  You finally look at them and say, “I have GOT to do something with those tomatoes before they go bad!”  As recently as 5 years ago I threw bunches of tomatoes out because I just didn’t know what to do with them.  Here’s what I do now:  I freeze {Read More}

Bread-Making Tutorial

For almost 5 years I’ve been baking our everyday sandwich bread.  As I began researching it I realized that I would need to make a commitment to it since the equipment to get started was so expensive.  I had 5 young kids at the time and wasn’t sure–but I decided to make the plunge.  I’m so glad I did!  I’m not much of a cook; alright, I’ll be honest.  I don’t like being in the kitchen more than I have {Read More}