Free 20th Century Music Lesson Plans and Printables


I’m happy to share with you today some free 20th century music lesson plans!  My latest is “20th Century Music Overview in 20 Minutes.”  See the download for it below.

As you may remember I have spent the past year teaching a 20th Century Music History/Appreciation class at our Tapestry of Grace homeschool co-op.  I taught the 20-minute class twice each Wednesday, once for the elementary kids and once for the middle school and high school students.  Each week was a different focus–a different composer or style.  I taught for a few minutes and we listened to as much music as possible.  Almost everything is available on YouTube!  It was really great for the kids to watch the orchestras playing.  Another neat thing was to see original videos of the performer (such as Elvis singing “Hound Dog.”)  I emailed a lesson detailing the entire lesson to the parents and students each week so they could continue their listening if desired.  Some high school students even used the lessons to help them earn a 1/2 credit in 20th Century music history.  I encouraged them to add 2 hours of reading, listening, or writing about the topic each week.  In my elementary music class I also gave a coloring sheet each week (usually of an instrument, but sometimes other things that related to the lesson).  The middle and high school students were to fill out two notebooking pages which you can download here:

Here is one of the lessons I wrote that you can download:

For the final class, I put together an overview of the top 41 styles, composers, performers, and/or pieces of the 20th Century.  It’s all on a YouTube playlist, so you can enjoy this for FREE at your home. Download the PDF file of


The Piano Guys–“Frozen” and Vivaldi’s Winter in the Ice Castles

This is absolutely beautiful! The Piano Guys perform “Let it Go” from Frozen with Vivaldi’s Winter in the Ice Castles!

(By the way, if the videos don’t show, click over to

And so fun to see “behind the scenes”:

And this one is for moms only :)

Lastly, the scene that inspired it all–with 113 Million Views!

Just Give Me Jesus

Yesterday I had the privilege to sing “Just Give Me Jesus” at church.  I love that song!  It’s so beautiful and worshipful.  Years ago (I think I was pregnant with my first) I attended a conference and heard Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham’s daughter) give a moving recitation about the theme of “Just Give Me Jesus.”  Fernando Ortega was there with a cellist and sang the song as well.  I’ll never forget it!

This is as close to the experience I could find.  It’s about 10 minutes long, so when you can spare the time and maybe need a time of refreshment to focus on the Lord and His goodness, listen to this:

(If you don’t see the YouTube link, click through to

Have a blessed day!

From House to Home {Link Party}: Little House in the Big Woods

Little House in the Big Woods Lapbook and Projects

As I mentioned last week we started reading Little House in the Big Woods.
We were able to get to a few projects this week.  :)

Here are some pictures of our lapbook (you can find the printables free at Lapbook Lessons.)

There is a “Making Cheese” wheel and a felt pocket sewed up (to remember when Laura’s pocket ripped.

Little House Lapbook 004

They decorated the little house in the woods.

Little House Lapbook 005

Here are some of the animals mentioned in the book.

Little House Lapbook 006


And booklets about the food they stored for the winter, consequences for disobeying your parents, and things they did in each of the four seasons.


Little House Lapbook 007


We also made a needle book, like Ma gave as a Christmas present in the book.  I’m going to use mine, as I’m on the costume committee again for my son’s musical and will need to bring my sewing supplies along for emergency mending during performances.


Little House Lapbook 016 Little House Lapbook 017 Little House Lapbook 019 Little House Lapbook 021 Little House Lapbook 022


We made some homemade butter!  Delicious!

Little House Lapbook 002 Little House Lapbook 003


We had a hard time understanding the cheese-making process from reading about it in the book, so I found this wonderful YouTube video!


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Funny Friday- Twelve Days of Christmas

Click through if you don’t see today’s Funny Friday from YouTube.

Funny Friday–Jostie Flick Hockey Interview

Here’s a good laugh for you, today!

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Studying whales and walruses with YouTube

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

We’re studying ocean animals this year and have found YouTube to be a great resource!  Here are my Top Ten favorite whale and walrus videos.

(By the way, the picture above was taken by me of a beluga whale at the Shedd Aquarium–one of my favorite places!)


Young Humpback Whale Breaching

Swimming With Sperm Whales

Spyhopping Killer Whales

Lobtailing humpback whales

Beluga whale giving birth


News Reports about Humphrey from 1985.  He’s a humpback whale who mistakenly swam up the Sacramento River.

 Killer whales attack and kill minke whale (a little graphic)

And a couple of my favorite animal:  The Walrus!

Walrus and mommy

Walrus exercising


The Adventurer’s Journey–My kids’ first movie!

Last fall my kids and the others from our church were able to film a movie written by one of the older boys in the church.  Here it is!

My boys absolutely love making movies! They spend hours doing stop-motion with Legos and making live-action movies using my iPad with the iMovie software. I just downloaded a special 10-week movie-making curriculum from CurrClick that we’re going to learn a lot from!  It’s called Movie Making Basics by Toddler Bites Publishing.


Tax Day: “The Government Can”

In “honor” of Tax Day, I thought you might enjoy Tim Hawkin’s “The Government Can.”

Today is also Tax Freedom Day, which means (according to this website) that you have finally worked enough days this year to pay next year’s tax bill!

Funny Friday: “You Might Be a Homeschooler If. . .”

Here’s today’s Funny Friday! Hope you enjoy it (although it might only be funny if you actually homeschool).

My son counted 8 that applied to us; I found 13. For example, Saxon fills ME with dread, so we’ve only used Math-U-See!

And I know what a jean jumper is, and we don’t wear them!

My oldest finished “Silmarillion” yesterday!

We also came up with some of our own:

You might be a homeschooler if. . .

You know who Charlotte Mason is

You know the meaning behind “Chocol-eight”

Shoveling the driveway counts as P.E. class

You have done a lapbook

You do math with “manipulatives”

Mom reads aloud to you, even when you’re in high school

You go to your mom’s OB appointments

Your mom bakes bread every week

You do a “child development” class way before you’re in high school

You know what Family Integrated Church, home discipleship, and family worship are.

You have said, “Mom, can we have spring break again next week?”

Beaver Lapbook

A while ago we did a fun unit study on beavers.  We found lots of great books at the library and watched a neat documentary on Youtube.


The materials for the lapbook were from Hands of a Child, called Busy as a Beaver.


It’s on sale at Curr Click right now!








Purchase this lapbook at Currclick!

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Funny Friday – Homeschooling Lies

If you haven’t seen this one yet, have a good laugh today!

P.S. Today’s the last day for the sale on the DIY Blog Critique!

Two great videos

What a way to worship the Lord! These deaf twin brothers sign in ASL to “How Great is our God.”. I only wish I knew all that they were saying.

And here’s one just for fun. Written by my friend’s husband, she sings this song to Tim Tebow encouraging him to ask her sister out on a date! She said to feel free to share it!

Funny Friday–Teaching Manners

Teaching manners around here is a constant process!  Years ago when I told my oldest daughter not to talk with her mouth full (she was 3 at the time), she said, “It’s not full.  There’s no food on this side of my mouth!”

I’ve been working on the same issue with my current 3-year-old daughter.  This week we were in the bathroom brushing hair and she got a little sassy with me.  I said, “Don’t talk back to me.”  She looked at me very quizzically and said, “But I don’t have any food in my mouth.”

Another time I told the kids not to eat until everyone was seated at the table.  My 4-year-old said, “I’m not eating; I’m licking!”

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Here’s a video–not to make you laugh, but definitely to make you smile (and possibly even cry a bit!)


Funny Friday-Tim Hawkins Cracker Barrel

I love eating at the Cracker Barrel when we’re on vacation.  Tim Hawkins is hilarious in this one.  Now, I’m always careful which of my kids I’m sitting next to when we’re eating biscuits!

Funny Friday

As you may know, this week is our Anniversary week–13 years!  Thankfully, my husband has never said these things to me!

Funny Friday

Talking dog

Funny Friday-Twin Babies Talking

Here’s a great one to make you laugh today!  It’s of two twin babies “talking” to each other.  My mother-in-law says she remembers her twin brothers doing this sort of thing.

I especially love the gestures to give emphasis to the “da-da-da”!

Funny Friday- Chick-Fil-A

When we go on vacations, one of the restaurants we always try to is Chick-Fil-A. If you love Chick-Fil-A, too, you’ll find this hilarious!