Quiet Book–My Pages!

I’ve shared before about the Quiet Book page I made (times 11) for the page swap.


When I received the other pages, I decided to make three more that were VERY easy!

The first was inspired by a page using old overalls. I didn’t have any overalls, but decided to use an old pair of jeans from my stash.  There are 4 activities on this page:  zipper, button, Velcro, and snap!


The second was for practicing tying a bow and braiding.  I used some macrame yarn that I found at a thrift shop.


The third was a marble maze.




  1. Oh, I just love the pants pocket page!! So, so cute!

  2. Wow. I love your ideas. Great quiet book. This is another one of those projects I’d love to make but never get around to it.

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