The Best Classes to Teach at a Homeschool Co-op

The Best Classes to Teach at a Homeschool Co-op

Are you involved in a homeschool co-op? If not, one reason you may want to consider doing one someday is because there are some classes that may be better to do in a group rather than at home. Here are just a few of the best classes to teach at a homeschool co-op.

Speech and Debate

There are several different speech and debate approaches that provide curriculum to help guide you through doing this at your homeschool co-op. These include NCFCA, Gavel Club, and the Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC). This is our 4th year to be involved in ICC. One thing I love about it is that it’s for ages 6-18. The older kids, who are working on specific speeches and also doing public forum debate, are the student leaders who help guide and mentor the younger students. Each week we meet the kids have several opportunities to get up in front of everyone to present. We also speak in various places in the community as well as have a tournament each year.

Institute for Cultural Communicators 035

Science Experiments

I am one of those moms who has a difficult time doing science experiements and projects at home. For a couple of years we did them at a homeschool co-op, and the kids absolutely loved all the fun and interesting experiements they did there. See my post on Chemistry and Physics and for Physiology and Anatomy.

recipes, science 042

History Projects

We are now involved in a Tapestry of Grace Fellowship Group (co-op), so each week the kids do projects, timelines, geography, food, art, etc. that go along with our history reading for the week. We have also done some really neat evening celebration nights to culminate our studies. See the one we did on The Exodus and the Roaring Twenties.

Tapestry Exodus Celebration 051

Twenties Photo


See How to Add Music to Your Homeschool Co-op for lots of suggestions.

Music class at homeschool co-op


Art is another subject that I have had a hard time teaching at home. We have had several forms at homeschool co-ops–drawing lessons from a certified art instructor, video lessons from See the Light (drawing, cartooning, and a variety of projects), and moms teaching from a script with Meet the Masters.

Cartoons 005


We have only been at a facility one year that was able to accomodate P.E. It was a sports complex, so it was perfect for the long cold winters we have here! There was an indoor soccer field, basketball courts, and other large play areas. One of the dads took a long lunch break and came over to teach the kids. It was great! If you need guidance in this area, you can find ready-made lessons with videos at Family Time Fitness. They even have courses for high school P.E. credit.
Family Time Fitness - Fitness 4 Homeschool Book Version


One year had a mom who wasn’t really a writing teacher use the IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) curriclum to guide the middle school students in writing lessons. This year we have a couple of moms who feel qualified to teach and grade the papers on their own. Either way, I’m glad my kids are getting extra writing instruction there. Another great curriculum to look into is WriteShop.


Drama at a co-op can be as simple as helping the kids learn, memorize, and perform a few little skits (like my kids do every month or so at our Tapestry of Grace co-op) or as complex as putting on a full-length play (like we are doing right now with middle school and high school students with the ancient Greek drama The Trojan Women).

The Trojan Women rehearsal


Preschool “stuff” can be so fun for 3-5 year olds. They love to do crafts, paint, listen to books being read aloud, and singing games. While the older siblings are doing their classes, be sure to have activities planned for the preschoolers!

Preschool at homeschool co-op

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