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2 Homeschool Resources You NEED!

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2 Homeschool Resources You NEED!

First, is the book The Organized Homeschool Life. What a great book! What you get is a different organizing challenge for each week of the year. Melanie is a homeschool mom of 6 so she knows how hard it can be to “get it all done.” She wants this book to help you and not discourage you or make you feel like you need to be doing more. She knows the special situation of being a homeschool mom. Pick and choose what you need from the book. Do it in order or skip ahead to the challenge that needs the most attention in your life. Then, you can get more organized in only 15 minutes at a time! And if you can only do 15 minutes a week, that still brings you closer to your goal! I love how varied the challenges are.

Here are 10 of the 52 challenges:

  • Company Clean Challenge
  • Thanksgiving Challenge
  • Goal Setting Challenge
  • Organized Clothing Challenge
  • Organized Vacation Challenge
  • Serve the Church Challenge
  • Organized Computer Challenge
  • Hospitality Challenge
  • Decluttering Challenge
  • Confident Parent Challenge

The second resource is from one of my favorite homeschool companies: Notebooking Pages (which is actually 10 years old now!).

Take a look at the Book of Centuries Timeline Notebooking Pages. These are wonderful in that they can be used with any history curriculum or style you use to teach your kids history. Print them out and put them in a notebook to start your very own Book of Centuries. Then add to it throughout all your years of studying history! You can also tape the pages together to make a timeline that opens up. 🙂

History Timeline / Book of Centuries Notebooking Pages

Here are some other great resources I’d love to recommend:

Bible Fine Arts Pages–Learn about the Bible and Art Appreciation at the same time with these neat sets from Enrichment Studies. Included in the Omnibus sale are three collections: Books of Moses; Books of History; and Poetry, Wisdom, and Prophets.

Books of History Fine Art Pages

Encompass Preschool Curriculum


Wow! If you have a preschooler coming up, this is all you need to guide you through homeschooling him or her! All kinds of colorful printables are included, plus some worksheets. There are links to music to learn (on YouTube, so you can hear how they go!), and specific lessons for 26 weeks of the year. Each week will focus on different things, like a different letter, color, number, etc. Also included are Bible verses to memorize. This is extremely helpful if you are at all nervous about homeschooling your preschooler!



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