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2007 Homeschooling Goals

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Here are my goals for 2007 (ending in December, not May!)  My basic homeschooling philosophy comes from the article by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn entitled "Ten Things To Do With Your Child Before Age Ten."   I’ve added some others at the end.

2007 Homeschooling Goals

Ten things to do with Children before age 10


1. Reading & Writing

Intensive Phonics using TATRAS; both boys read aloud to me daily; 6 yo complete phonogram chart and start spelling/ dictation; Both boys finish Handwriting Without Tears and start copywork of Scripture and poems

2. Oral Narration

Almost daily, using Aesop’s fables and other literature

3. Memorization

All books of the Bible, a verse from each book of the Old Testament, Ten Commandments

4. Hearing & Listening

Read aloud daily from a variety of fiction and nonfiction (Finish Story of the World Bk. 1 with Egermeier‘s Story Bible); put things learned on the timeline in our hallway

5. Family Worship

Bible Time in morning with me and in evening with Dad

6. Arts & Crafts

Provide the time, space, and materials; develop creativity; Art Time every Friday; use Draw Write Now books some

7. Field Trips & Library

Start learning elementary library research–go to library at least every other week; investigate the world–at least one Field Trip per month (including museums, plays/musicals/concerts, art exhibits, zoos)

8. Work & Service

Schedule for chores–continue dishes and clothes; add more such as cooking; vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, cleaning windows and mirrors. Service–card ministry every Friday (Send cards they write or pictures they draw to someone we’ve prayed for each week.)

9. Discipline

Work toward first-time obedience–Implement If-Then Chart (Doorposts)

10. Play & Exploration

Develop the imagination–continue to allow for lots of free-time to play on their own. Do nature walks with a sketch book.

11. Music:      Musikgarten for all 5 kids, violin for oldest (and for 2nd oldest when he turns 5), possibly start piano with the boys using Music Makers Around the World At the Keyboard, continue singing hymns and praise songs every evening– start to harmonize if they’re ready.

12. Physical education:      At least 2 sessions of swim lessons, lots of playing outside

13. Math:      Informal/everyday math when it presents itself, at least one day a week of a math game or activity (dominoes, Family Math)

14. Foreign Language:      Spanish: Listen to The Easy Spanish Cds (in the car and lunch time); Sign Language: Watch Signing Time videos

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  2. TwaddleMeNot says:

    Wow, all of that sounds so great – I admire you, and I love reading your blog. You encourage me that I can do it with five! Thank you for your sweet comment the other day – it made my night!


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