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5 Amazing Ways to Homeschool Your Toddler!

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Do you have a toddler you are ready to homeschool? I have a post all ready for you at My Joy-Filled Life. Head over there to read 5 Amazing Ways to Homeschool Your Toddler. 🙂

Here’s how it starts:

Many years ago I just had toddlers in my home. I attended my first homeschool convention when my oldest was 17 months old and brought my newborn baby with me. I was so ready to get started!

Now, after “homeschooling” 8 toddlers, I have some tips for you. Today I’ll share 5 Amazing Ways to Homeschool Your Toddler!

  1. Read to them.

You probably knew this one! Here’s how I did it. I nursed all my children until they were 12-18 months old (depending on when the next baby was going to be born).  As I started weaning them, I replaced the naptime feeding with a short story time. Before long my toddlers had 3 reading times a day–before morning nap, before afternoon nap, and before bedtime. I have a great number of board books. I find that those with simple pictures and few words work best at first. But even if you use a book that seems too advanced, you can tailor it to your child. 

Read more at My Joy-Filled Life.


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