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5 Reasons to Get Fish as a Pet

5 Reasons to Get Fish as a Pet

5 Reasons to Get Fish as a Pet

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[Today we have a guest post by Emma Lawson.]

If you’re looking for a way to surprise your kids for their birthday or a special occasion, getting them a pet seems like an obvious choice. Now, not all pets fit into your lifestyle and living space. If you want pets that are low-maintenance, space-befitting and affordable, getting some fish and an aquarium is the right choice for you. Check out 5 reasons to get fish as a pet.

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

1. Enjoy the silence

Sometimes all we need at the end of the day is to sit in a quiet room and empty our mind. Even though dogs, cats, and parrots can make wonderful housemates, they can be quite unpredictable in terms of behavior and noise levels. Also, apartment buildings can get a tad crowded and therefore the sounds are more difficult to attenuate or ignore. On the other hand, fish are the quietest pets out there.

2. They are budget friendly

The question of money and overall costs is definitely one of the most important factors concerned with obtaining of a house pet. Most of our furry friends demand certain level of grooming and particular food supplies and nutrition. This cannot be equated with money we set aside for family needs, but it still takes up a good chunk of our monthly budget.

Opting for fish will eliminate the costs of regular visits to the vet and tons of food other animals can consume. All you need is to get them a starter-pack quality aquarium kit and you won’t make any other extra pet related costs for a long time.

3. Minimal pet sitting requirements

While some people have the time to bond and socialize with their pets, others may find it slightly overwhelming and distracting. In the majority of cases, house residents are often away for work or school related business, and the pets may get sad or aggressive. Cute, colorful fish are an effortless entertainment for us, and they spend their days industriously exploring their tank, in a true-to-nature habitat.

5 Reasons to Get Fish as a Pet

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4. The relaxing effect

Scientists have found that non-threatening sounds are usually eliminated by our brain, making it easy to relax and zone out when exposed to such stimuli. The water filter sound that the aquariums are producing can be likened to the sound of a running water – a well-known source of relaxation commonly associated with Zen gardens. The very own sound a fish’s residence is producing is having a soothing and stress-reducing effect on us.

5. Learning tool for the kids

Have you ever thought about the educational benefits of owning an aquarium? From vocabulary enhancement, over boosted cognitive development to imagination building, these are all learning benefits a child and a parent can enjoy together. Also, this could teach your young ones how to become responsible and attentive pet owners.

Owning fish as pets can be an equally fun and practical decision for the whole family. And the best thing is, your wallet won’t have to suffer at all.

Emma is a teacher, constantly improving her skills both as a teacher and as a parent. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. She is a regular contributor to High Style Life

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  2. Please let your readers know that for beginners, keeping fish is actually very demanding, especially at its starting phase. It would be helpful and a great educational opportunity for everyone to inform them about the importance of cycling a tank and researching the types of fish they plan on keeping and their compatibility. Beginners often wonder why their fish die and aren’t aware that most fish can live up to several years. The reason is because their fish tank is not cycled and not keeping up with water changes which is accompanied with a cycled tank.

    Here’s a link about how to cycle a tank if you weren’t already aware:

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve never had fish, so we need all the education we can get.

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