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A Bad Mommy Moment

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On Saturday I was bemoaning to my husband about the fact that I felt I didn’t have much time to spend with my older two sons.  I am in such demand from the younger five!  So, on Sunday he suggested that I take them to go see “Captain America.”  Yeah!  I put the baby to bed at his usual time (6:30) and headed out the door with the boys.  As I was leaving I asked my husband to give the kids a bath, but to wait a little while until the baby was sound asleep.  He’s a great sleeper and doesn’t wake up until about 5 in the morning.

When I got home from the movie (my boys loved it–it was OK from my perspective, definitely a “male” movie with a bit too much violence for my taste, but I loved the patriotism), my husband told me that the baby had woken up during baths and again a bit later.  But after crying a while, he went back to sleep.  I went upstairs to check on him since it was so unusual for him to wake up.  He had taken his pajama pants off and thrown them out of the crib.  I felt his legs, but they weren’t too cold, and I felt his head but he wasn’t hot–no fever.  So, I went to bed.  He woke up crying three more times during the night.  He only cried for a few minutes and then went back to sleep.  At 4 a.m. when he woke up crying again I decided I’d go nurse him a little early.  As I was walking into his room, I thought, “Oh no, what if he has a dirty diaper?!”  Sure enough, that’s what the problem was.  He must have gotten it when the other kids had taken their baths the night before.  Oh, poor thing, he had such a horrible rash!  Yes, I feel like a very bad mommy!  Glad that I finally spent some time with my older sons, but at the expense of my baby boy’s little bottom!

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