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A Day in our Life

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I haven’t done this in a while, so I thought it would be fun to write out what we did all day long. 

6:05 a.m.  My youngest (17 mo.) woke up–later than usual!  We went downstairs to get his medicine and switch clothes from washer to dryer.  Then upstairs to dress him and take my shower.

7:00 a.m.  Everyone was downstairs for breakfast.  My boys started playing checkers before eating.

8:00 a.m.  Morning chores:  empty dishwasher, fold clothes while listening to a couple of stories from, practice violin, brush teeth.

9:00 a.m.  Bible Time (We read about Daniel and the angel who protected him from Leading Little Ones to God, prayed, reviewed 5 memory verses).
Copy work (sentences about Ancient Greece)
Oldest did a little of his Bible Study Fellowship lesson.

9:40  Went to library to pick up books and videos I had put on hold.  Then on to the violin lessons.  In the car we listened to Johnny Tremain.

10:30  Violin lessons.

11:40  Drove home  (listened to Johnny Tremain again)

12:15 p.m. Lunch.  My son sent an email to his grandmother.

1:15  Put two younger kids down for a nap.  Phonics lessons with boys, they read to me from their Rod and Staff readers.  I read to them:  Aesop’s Fables (they narrated), Famous Men of Greece (about Philip of Macedonia and Alexander the Great) and Magic School Bus inside the Human Body (our unit study for March).

2:30  I tried to rest but my youngest wouldn’t sleep since he had fallen asleep in the car at 11:45.  The boys played checkers and chess in their room.  I took the little guy downstairs to give him a snack.  My 4 yo daughter got one, too.   I made some blueberry muffins.

3:30  The others came down.  We straightened up the house and set up for our Small Group Bible Study.  I put a pizza in the oven.

4:15  The kids ate their pizza and muffins.

4:50  We loaded in the car to head to my oldest son’s swim lesson.

5:20  My husband met us there, and the four youngest and I headed back home.  I put a pizza in the oven for my husband and me.

6:15  My husband and son came home.  My husband and I ate while the kids watched "Magic School Bus Human Body" on DVD.  (The book was better!)

6:35  I took my little one upstairs and put him to bed.

7:00  Our Small Group Bible Study began.  We had a huge group tonight (16).  Our kids enjoyed having a dessert and singing hymns with everyone before my husband and I took them upstairs to bed. 

10:00  My husband and I went to bed.

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  2. It's always interesting to hear how another person's homeschool day goes. Thanks for sharing.

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