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An All About Reading Success Story!

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All About Reading Success

Disclosure: I received All About Reading Level 3 in order to write this honest review. I also get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post. 

All About Reading Success for Dyslexia

I have been using All About Reading with my 10-year-old daughter for a couple of years now. She has many signs of dyslexia, although I’ve never had her tested. She definitely struggles with reading and remembering phonics rules and sight words. We have seen progress by using the All About Reading curriculum that we did not ever see with reading curricula that I used with my other children. I’m so happy with the All About Reading success that I just have to share it with you!

The All About Reading Reader

Usually, when we get to the part of the lessons where she supposed to read a story from the reader, she only has enough stamina to get through one or two pages a day. But the other day we were reading the story “The Mailbox” from Level 3, Vol. 1, and she read the entire story in one sitting! This is a huge success, and I just had to share it!


All About Reading Success

We are so happy with All About Reading, and I will continue with this reading curricula through Level 4 and with All About Spelling until I feel that she has become a good speller – probably all the levels of it as well!

One of the reasons I really love the readers in All About Reading is because the stories are engaging and the illustrations are simply wonderful.



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She also enjoys the cut-out activities that go along with each lesson, such as the one you see below where the race car goes across the track after she says the word on each part of the road.

All About Reading Level 3 004 All About Reading Level 3 003 All About Reading Level 3 002 All About Reading Level 3 001

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All About Reading Activity Bundle

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  2. This is our first year using it and I absolutely am in love with this reading program. My daughter went from not reading to reading to very quickly. We are almost done with the first level.

  3. Amy Williams says:

    That is so encouraging! My son is 12 and we just opened the box for Level 3. This article gives me hope that one day my son will read an entire story in one sitting. He is a twin but has many learning challenges (was a premie, 2lbs. at birth). We also do the All About Spelling and he spells well now. We have been using Ask About Reading and Spelling for 3 years. Thank you for the encouraging article!!

    1. Yay! My daughter always reads the story in one sitting now! 🙂

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