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An Impromptu Trip to Cincinnati: Zoo and Creation Museum

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Last Wednesday my husband and I decided to make an impromptu trip to Cincinnati to visit the zoo and Creation Museum. We don’t usually do this. It’s not that easy to get a group of 10 people ready to go on vacation. But the kids were as excited as us, so we did it! My oldest son and I went to Solo and Ensemble contest Saturday morning where he played a violin solo, sax solo, and sax duet. I accompanied on the piano for his solos. Then, I took him to musical rehearsal where his siblings were  already practicing. They are working on the musical Robin Hood. (More on that later!) We picked the kids up at 2 p.m. and headed to Cincinnati!

On Sunday we went to the Cincinnati Zoo.

zoo Creation Museum 018


My favorite animals at the zoo were the manatees!  Here is the baby.

science zoo Creation Museum 029

zoo Creation Museum 011

zoo Creation Museum 017

zoo Creation Museum 004


I thought this monitor lizard was neat because it really reminded me of a dinosaur — which we were going to see a lot of at the Creation Museum the next day.

zoo Creation Museum 024


One of the things we did at the Creation Museum was a workshop on Ice Age animals with Buddy Davis.

science zoo Creation Museum 040

The kids did a “sculpture” of a saber tooth tiger out of clay.

zoo Creation Museum 049

science zoo Creation Museum 043

science zoo Creation Museum 046

zoo Creation Museum 084


zoo Creation Museum 110

science zoo Creation Museum 059

This cute chameleon reminded us of the movie “Tangled.”

zoo Creation Museum 029


The museum is full of incredible exhibits to help understand creation science.  Here is an example.  See at the top the casts of the skull bones found for “Lucy,” the so-called ape-man.  The bones don’t give you an idea of the face, but see how different versions make it look more like an ape or more like a human.

zoo Creation Museum 030


This exhibit talks about the Bible being written by different men such as Abraham, Moses, King David, and the Apostle Paul.

zoo Creation Museum 031 zoo Creation Museum 033

The Garden of Eden is beautiful.

zoo Creation Museum 035 zoo Creation Museum 037

A zebra/horse and a zebra/donkey.  They are able to mate so they are part of the same horse “kind.”  There only needed to be 2 horse kinds on the ark to have all the varieties we see today.

zoo Creation Museum 116 zoo Creation Museum 117

zoo Creation Museum 120

zoo Creation Museum 126

My two oldest boys and second daughter did a zip line!

zoo Creation Museum 134

zoo Creation Museum 147

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  2. Fun! We are going to try and get to the Creation Museum later this year.

    1. This is a great year to go–kids 12 and under are free in 2014! (That will save you $15.95 each.) And the tickets are good for 2 consecutive days. We couldn’t fit it all in one day, so it was nice to spend a little more time there the next day.

  3. Impromptu trips are the best! Good for you all! We visited the CM last year and had a blast. I hope we can go again in the future! Blessings, Sarah

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