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Art Appreciation study

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It’s the end of June and we’ve finished another unit study–on art appreciation.  We mostly read books about artists and styles.  We studied artists such as Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Cassatt, B. West, Degas, Da Vinci, and Grandma Moses.  I had hoped to visit The Art Institute of Chicago, do more art projects, and do a lapbook folder game (matching artists with their works and categorizing by style period), but with our trip and so many other things going on in June, it didn’t happen.  We also added in another unit study this month on South Dakota (including a lapbook for my 6 yo and notebook/ journal for the 7 yo).

Here are the great books we read.  I love these living books about the artists.  The library is wonderful!

Art Appreciation Books
Henri Matisse:  Drawing With Scissors (O’Connor)
Hana in the Time of the Tulips (Noyes)
The Usborne Art Treasury (Dickins)
Degas and the Little Dancer (Annolt)
The First Starry Night (Asom)
Children: A First Art Book (Micklethwait)
Fancy Nancy at the Museum (O’Connor)
Amelia Bedelia’s Masterpiece (Parish)
Benjamin West: The Boy Who Loved to Draw
Leonardo and the Flying Boy: A Story About Leonardo Da Vinci (Annolt)
Suzette and the Puppy: A Story About Mary Cassatt (Sweeney)
The Yellow House: Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gaugain Side by Side (Rubin)
Colors: A First Art Book (Micklethwait)
I Spy:  An Alphabet in Art (Micklethwait)
Squeaking of Art: The Mice Go to the Art Museum(Wellington)
Katie and the Sunflowers  (Mayhew)
Katie and the Mona Lisa (Mayhew)
Katie Meets the Impressionists (Mayhew)
Picasso and the Girl With a Ponytail(Anholt)
Grandma Moses (Schaefer)
I Spy Shapes in Art (Micklethwait)
M is for Masterpiece: An Art Alphabet   (Domeniconi)
Camille and the Sunflowers: A Story About Vincent Van Gogh (Anholt)
Sunday With Seurat (Merberg)
A Picnic With Monet (Merberg)
Dancing With Degas (Merberg)
Sharing With Renoir (Merberg)
Oxford First Book of Art (Wolfe)
Start With Art: People (Lacey)
Discovering Great Artists (Kohl and Solga)
Appreciating Art (Trulson)
Celebrating Art (Trulson)

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  2. I hadn't heard of some of these. Thanks! It will help with the class I am doing at my co-op this fall, following the Usborne book and Kohl book (learning about the artist and doing a project in his/her style).

    Got any good stories about classical composers?

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