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Backyard Science: Easy Activities for All Ages by Marci Goodwin

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Today I’m happy to review for you a brand new ebook called Backyard Science: Easy Activities for All Ages by Marci Goodwin. If you haven’t heard of Marci before, she’s the Homeschool Scientist! This 46-page ebook is chock full and fun and easy ideas for getting outside–even just to your own backyard–to do some hands-on science.

Backyard Science ebook

I love that Backyard Science: Easy Activities for All Ages includes:

  • Lesson plan ideas
  • “Recipes” needed for science activities (such as making an animal track trap)
  • Printables
  • Links to websites, resources, and books to add to the learning

Table of Contents

See the Table of Contents for Ideas of how you can use Backyard Science: Easy Activities for All Ages:

  • Introduction: Why the Backyard?
  • Capturing Animal Tracks
  • Life Under a Log
  • Backyard Bees
  • DIY Bird Feeders
  • Square Foot Nature Survey
  • Square Foot Gardening
  • Backyard Weather Station


There are 11 different printable worksheets (and a couple of resource ones). They include:

  • Animal Tracks
  • Life Under a Log
  • Bird Identification List
  • Label Your Own Bee
  • Square Foot Nature Survey
  • 24-Hour Rainfall Totals

Backyard Science ebook

Some of these are perfect to do right now during our season of fall. Some, like the DIY Bird Feeders will be wonderful during winter. And, others , like the gardening, you’ll want to plan now so you’re ready for spring!

The price of Backyard Science is only $4.99!

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Backyard Science ebook

(Disclosure: I received a copy of Backyard Science in order to write this honest review. This post contains affiliate links.)


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