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Bible Bee Registration open Now!

How can 2 cards a week and 20 minutes a day
deepen your family’s relationship with Christ?

Every summer our family participates in the Bible Bee.  We work together on memorizing Scripture together and the accompanying Bible study called the Sword Study, which is an in-depth study of one book of the Bible.  It’s time to register for this year’s competition, which takes place on August 25.  Check out the website to see if there is a location near you!

I’m grateful that they have once again made some changes this year to make the summer study a little easier.  Every age level, ages 7-18, learns the same 25 verse passages–2 a week!

Here is some more details from the Bible Bee website:

Our desire is to help your family move closer to God and closer to one another as you learn, live out, and celebrate His Word. Register your children ages 7-18 years for the 2012 Bible Bee and learn how we can equip and encourage a lifestyle of investing in and living out your relationship with Christ.

In return for the $30 Registration Fee, each contestant receives, on June 1st:

  • 25 Bible Memory Cards. That works out to just over 2 cards per week during the summer, a “do-able” goal for your whole family!
  • A Bible in one of five translations
  • A “Sword Study” in-depth study on one book of the Bible leveled for three age groups, enabling the whole family to study the same book at the same pace. Sword Studies don’t just teach the Bible, they teach a lifelong skill of how to study and apply the Bible, in just 20 minutes a day.
  • An official participant Bible Bee T-shirt and button
  • Gifts from our ministry partners that support the Sword Study learning
  • A Parent Guidebook that gives a solid overview of the study and includes a Family Bonfire Guide, so that you can easily lead your family in fun times of learning and sharing what the Lord has taught you throughout the week.
  • Click here to see “Bible Bee Basics”

Other resources, such as custom Musical Scripture CD’s (word perfect verses in any of five translations), several computer software games and programs and an iPod/iPhone app, all help make Bible memorization an attainable goal for you and your family.

You can join with other Bible Bee families at fun summer events led by Local Hosts!

Your children can show their progress in the Word at an encouraging Celebration Day on Saturday, August 25th!  The top 300 from across the country will be invited to compete for $260,000 in prize money at the National Competition!

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