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Book Review: “To the Sea” by Callie Grant

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To the Sea

I have a new Graham Blanchard book to review today. It’s To the Sea by Callie Grant.  It’s a small board book for preschoolers and toddlers.  It tells the story of a little boy who goes to visit the seashore.  This sweet 22-page book shows the experiences the little boy has such as building a sandcastle and wading in the water.  The last page has the Scripture Genesis 1:31 where God saw everything He had made and it was very good.

The illustrator is Jeremy Tugeau, and I loved the pastel watercolor illustrations on each page.


The Graham Blanchard books are divided into categories.  This one is called a Praise book, because it can be used to teach children to praise God (specifically in this book for His creation). It “wonders at the miracles found in everyday life and praises the God who made them!”

There are numerous ways to use To the Sea in order to guide your child in thinking about and learning different things.  Talk about our senses and what the boy is seeing, smelling, tasting, etc.  Talk about the seashore, the sand, water, animals that are seen there.

To the Sea is available today. See it at the Graham Blanchard site.  See it at Amazon: To The Sea

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Blanchard books 004


(Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in order to write an honest review. This post also contains affiliate links.)
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