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Books on Plants

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We’re about finished with our Botany study.  Here are some great books we read:

A Child’s Garden (Dannenmaier)

Plant Secrets (Claybourne)

I Am a Leaf (Marzollo)

Garden (Maass)

Vegetables (Edwards)

Among the Flowers (Schwartz)

The Tiny Seed (Carle)

Plant Reproduction (Spilsbury)

Why is the Grass Green? (Time Life for Children)

Powerful Plant Cells (Johnson)

Disgusting Plants (Miller)

Plant (Eyewitness Books )

Tree (Burnie)

How do Plants Grow? (Stewart)

Freaky Flowers (Souza)

Trees, Leaves and Bark (Burns)

Cereals (Edwards)

Flowers (Richardson)

Plant Cells (Stille)


This one is about birds, not plants, but it’s wonderful!  Check it out from your library!  It actually plays the bird songs of 250 birds.

Bird Songs:  250 North American Birds in Song (Beletsky)

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