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Christmas Around the World Online Unit Study

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Want to do something fun for the last few days before Christmas break? You’ll love the Christmas Around the World Online Unit Study!

It’s an online course where everything you need is right there–no need to head to the library or order any extra books for this unit study. The only thing that you’ll need to get (if you choose to do them) are some art supplies to make art projects or ingredients to make certain foods.

There are videos and links. We are really going to enjoy doing this in the next couple of days.

However, the Christmas Around the World Online Unit Study is about to close it’s doors for purchase for this year. So, get it today or tomorrow and use coupon code LASTCHANCE to get $5 off. Only 12/14 and 12/15 and then it is no longer available until next year.

What will your kids learn about?

Celebrate Christmas around the world

Learn about 10 countries and their Christmas traditions
Create hands-on and digital projects
Prepare an ethnic Christmas feast


Christmas in Ghana
Christmas in Germany
Christmas in Sweden
Christmas in Japan
Christmas in Mexico
Christmas in The Philippines
Christmas in France
Christmas in Australia
Christmas in Russia
Christmas in Brazil
Project: Christmas Feast

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