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Collage Friday: All About Reading

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All About Reading Collage 2

Last month I shared how we started using a new reading program called All About Reading with my 8-year-old struggling reader.  We have completed 6 lessons now, so I’d like to let you know how it’s going!

First of all, my daughter and I really like the variety of activities involved in the lessons.

We have review of phonogram cards and word cards,

All About Reading 022  All About Reading 020

All About Reading 014 All About Reading 013


learning a new concept which usually involves manipulating the magnetic letters on the magnetic white board,
All About Reading 019 All About Reading 018

All About Reading 034 All About Reading 033 All About Reading 030 All About Reading 029



a cut-out activity (she’s “chopping” the word into 2 syllables)

All About Reading 036 All About Reading 035

reading words in the activity book,


learning new word cards,


All About Reading 023


and (in the next lesson) reading a story in the hard-back book.


All About Reading 038 All About Reading 037


It’s still hard work for her; reading is hard work for some kids.  But it’s so sequential and organized that she sees progress quickly.  She is also reviewing new words and concepts in so many ways (see above) that it seems to “stick” a little better than some past phonics programs we’ve tried.

She has happily put a sticker up on the progress chart six times so far.  And we’re going to keep at it!

If you’d like to try it out, here are some FREE downloads!


(Disclosure:  I received a complimentary set of All About Reading Level 2 in order to write this and other honest reviews.  This post contains affiliate links.)


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