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Everything You Need to Know About the Homeschool Grab Bag

Something new is here, and I’m so excited to be a part of it! Today I’m sharing Everything You Need to Know About the Homeschool Grab Bag!

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

Are you looking for quality homeschool materials that are easily accessible and affordable? Here you go. . . The 2020 Homeschool Grab Bag!

What is the upcoming Homeschool Grab Bag sale?

  • Dates: July 13-20, 2020
  • How many products: There are more than 70!
  • How many contributors: More than 50!
  • The percentage of savings: You’ll save 97% off retail!

Scroll down to see how you can get my Intro to Musicals online course ($27 value!) for FREE.

Homeschool Grab Bag ~ digital homeschool curriculum sale, 97% off retail!

What is in the Homeschool Grab Bag?

Homeschool Grab Bag is available in two options. When you head to the website, you’ll find the Super and the Deluxe bags.  There is different content in each, but both are on sale for 97% off retail! 

Homeschool Grab Bag ~ digital homeschool curriculum sale, 97% off retail!

“So, I’ve finally had a chance to dive deep into the bundles, and wow, the products included are incredible! This is going to be a no-brainer if homeschoolers can just find out how great these bags are!” ~ Gena Mayo

Watch this video to learn more (or keep reading below!)

Details of the Homeschool Grab Bag Super Bag

The Super Bag is the most affordable. It has 51 products and retails at $779.83 price.

But, with your 97% off, you’re getting it for only $24.95

Homeschool Grab Bag ~ digital homeschool curriculum sale, 97% off retail!

Here are my favorites in the Super Bag:

  • Delightful Planning (Ben and Me, $15.99 value) ~ This is an awesome resource for creating your own interest-led (child-led) unit studies! I did so many of these when my kids were all pre-k and elementary-aged.
  • The Steps to Writing a Research Paper (Train Up a Child Publishing, $29.37 value) ~ I’ve graduated 2 kids already, but this subject still intimidates me!
  • Peter and the Wolf MP3 (Maestro Classics) My youngest daughter has been listening to all of the Maestro Classics audios this summer. They are wonderful for music appreciation! Additional tracks beyond listening to the composition Peter and the Wolf include learning about the composer Prokofiev, what to listen for in the music, and wonderful Russian folk music
    with traditional Russian folk instruments. Includes an activity booklet PDF.

Find "Delightful Planning" in the Homeschool Grab Bag 2020!   Find "Peter and the Wolf" in the Homeschool Grab Bag 2020!

Resources in the Super Bag that are a perfect complement for my brand new World Music for Elementary online course, which launches August 8! (It’s not in the Homeschool Grab Bag.)

  • Geography Around the World (Bonnie Rose Hudson, $19.99 value) ~ Introduce students to continents, capitals, landforms and biomes, major lakes and rivers, mountain ranges, political boundaries, and more.
  • Oceania Flip Books (Simple Living. Creative Learning, $12 value)~ Learn about the countries, territories, and dependencies of Oceania.
  • Hands-On Americas and Oceania (BiblioPlan, $11.95 value) ~ Record fun facts about important people and
    places of the countries of the Americas and Oceania.
  • Let’s Study Ireland bundle (Captivating Compass, $21 value) ~ Contains Let’s Study Dublin Guide, Irish Quotes & Copywork with Irish Gaelic pronunciation, and 17
    Irish Blessings for Memorization and Presentation.
  • Jellyfish Unit Study – Australia Country Study (Adventure Homeschool, $15.99 value) ~ Learn about the science and the life cycle of jellies, as well as the history and the geography of Australia.
  • Biome Flip Book (Simple Living. Creative Learning, $10) ~ Learn about eight different types of biomes.

Find "Oceania Flip Book" in the Homeschool Grab Bag 2020! Find "Jellyfish" in the Homeschool Grab Bag 2020!

Details of the Homeschool Grab Bag Deluxe Bag

The Deluxe Bag has the same products as the Super Bag, plus an additional 20 products (many of them are bigger ticket items), for a total of 71 products with a total value of $1547.11 for a savings of 97%. 

This bag is available for only $39.95!

Homeschool Grab Bag ~ digital homeschool curriculum sale, 97% off retail!

Here are my favorites in the Deluxe Bag:

  • The Homeschool Sisterhood 3-month membership (Ana Willis, They Call Me Blessed, $60 value) ~ The Homeschool Sisterhood is a Charlotte Mason-inspired membership program for
    moms who desire to ditch overwhelm, stay motivated, & homeschool from rest. This
    Christ-centered program offers habit-training focus and resources, masterclasses,
    guest speaker interviews, family workshops in a variety of subjects, book clubs for
    moms, kids, and teens, and more.
  • The Art of Public Speaking (Train Up a Child Publishing, $29.37 value) ~ Meant for high school, your student will learn to organize his thoughts, overcome and even prevent nervous habits, and smoothly use visual aids with our tools and training. You’ll have all of the help you need with our topic ideas, online resources, evaluation forms, and rubrics. Also includes an optional honors track, and students interested in debate will find this is an excellent preparatory course for speaking in front of others.
  • All About Elections Online Unit Study (Techie Homeschool Mom, $24 value) ~ Use this online course to learn about America’s electoral process, including why we
    have elections, how we vote and how to decide who to vote for. Online Unit Studies
    are self-paced and integrate multiple subjects for multiple ages of students. Students
    access websites and videos and complete digital projects. No additional books and
    print resources are needed.
  • Let’s Study Famous Scientists (Captivating Compass, $81 value) ~ This bundle includes three unit studies – Let’s Study Archimedes: Beyond ‘Eureka!’, Let’s Study Galileo: Science & Truth, and Let’s Study Isaac Newton: A Life of Discovery. It contains 52 lessons including experiments, MP3 audio files, printable worksheets, online games, and interactives. Potential to earn .5 to 1 credit worth of high school science course work.
  • See It and Say It Whole Family Spanish (Flip Flop Spanish, $49.97 value) ~ This bundle is a two-year curriculum designed around the Charlotte Mason methodology. Simple concepts and words are introduced as pictures and once the foundation of a new language is established, the program builds the student into a bilingual speaker. Designed specifically for audial, visual, and tactile learning styles.

Find "See It and Say It Spanish" in the Homeschool Grab Bag 2020! Find "Famous Scientists" in the Homeschool Grab Bag 2020!

All About Elections Unit Study is part of the Homeschool Grab Bag 2020! The Homeschool Sisterhood membership is part of the Homeschool Grab Bag 2020!

Compare the Super and Deluxe Bags to see which you want

Both bags are 97% off retail and you can see a detailed comparison of each product, its value, and the product’s creator, here. 

Also, if it’s easier, here are the 20 products in the Deluxe Bag that aren’t in the Super Bag:

  • See It and Say It from Flip Flop Spanish
  • God’s Girls 105: Homemaking from Powerline Productions
  • The Big, Bold, & Brilliant Bumper Bundle – Elementary from Skill Trek
  • The Large Room – Pre-Reading from Mom Wife Homeschool Life
  • Paint Your Own Family Portraits from Beyond the Stick Figure
  • Let’s Study Famous Scientists from Captivating Compass
  • Summer Life Cycle Bundle from Only Passionate Curiosity
  • God Keeps His Promises Full Curriculum from Bible Baton
  • Remembering Who God Is Bible Memory Verse Bundle from Forget Him Knot
  • Nature Detectives Curriculum from Kid Minds
  • A History of Us Book 2 Binder-Builder from A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks
  • All About Elections Online Unit Study from Techie Homeschool Mom
  • Gospel Grammar from Homeschooling One Child
  • Teach Kindergarten from Mrs. Karle’s Reading Patch
  • Wisdom on a Whim – First Quarter from Eclectic Learners
  • The Homeschool Sisterhood 3-Month Subscription from They Call Me Blessed
  • Boyhood Boot Camp from Raising Real Men
  • Approaches to Christian Homeschooling from How to Homeschool My Child
  • 30 Days of Praying for My Homeschool from Mom For All Seasons
  • Maintain Your Homeschool Focus from OutMatched Mama

Homeschool Grab Bag ~ digital homeschool curriculum sale, 97% off retail!

Homeschool Grab Bag ~ digital homeschool curriculum sale, 97% off retail!

How will you get your Homeschool Grab Bag resources?

Both Homeschool Grab Bag options are delivered to you immediately via the email you provided at checkout.

You’ll receive a beautifully designed digital PDF that showcases each product with a product image, short description, and a coupon for you to claim the product from the content creator for $0.00.

By being able to see a photo of the product and understand its purpose, you’ll easily be able to determine whether you want to “grab” that particular product. We certainly don’t expect that you’ll want and be able to use every single item for your unique family and homeschool needs. So, you can choose to download to your computer just the ones you want!

You have 3 months to claim your Homeschool Grab Bag items. All of the coupons in the Homeschool Grab Bag will expire on October 31st, 2020. (But, remember, you have to purchase your grab bag by July 20!)

Homeschool Grab Bag ~ digital homeschool curriculum sale, 97% off retail!

More Questions about the Homeschool Grab Bag?

Feel free to leave a comment below so I can answer it.

Or if you have questions about the Grab Bag you purchased, or have a problem with your purchase, you can reach out to Digital Grab Bag by emailing them at [email protected].

Homeschool Grab Bag ~ digital homeschool curriculum sale, 97% off retail!

Homeschool Grab Bag ~ digital homeschool curriculum sale, 97% off retail!

Get My Bonus Music Course!

Intro to Musicals for Elementary Students self-paced online course

If you use my affiliate link (any link from this blog post) to go directly to the Grab Bag website to purchase the Homeschool Grab Bag from July 13-20, 2020, you can get my Intro to Musicals online course ($27 value!) for FREE.

Intro to Musicals for Elementary Students includes ten lessons on ten different musicals. Read about the story and background, watch video clips, work on one printable per lesson, take an online quiz, and explore links to outside sites with other materials to enrich your study. The ten musicals are Annie, Seussical, Cats, James and the Giant Peach, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Mary Poppins, Newsies, Annie Get Your Gun, The Music Man, and The Wizard of Oz.

All you have to do is fill out the contact form below and include your order number.

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