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February Homeschooling Plans

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We have some fun things planned for February. 

For math this month we’ll be using Papa Paolo’s Pizzaria materials from Teacher Bookbags (see  There are some activities for fractions, clock-reading, sequencing, patterning, measurement, and adding up of menu items.

Our unit study this month is on Africa.  We already checked out a bunch of books from the library.  We’ll study the different habitats and animals, some different people groups and languages, folk stories and folk songs, government systems (my son asked me if any had kings), religions, arts/crafts, and foods.  One country we’ll do some extra study about is Senegal since we just started sponsoring a child from there (through Compassion International).  We’ll make a few crafts and some food.  The lapbook materials we’ll use came from Teacher Bookbags (again see and Hands of a Child (Zebras).  We’ll also be reading a biography of the missionary to Africa and explorer David Livingstone.

In history we’re going to study the Byzantine Empire, using Mystery of History, Story of the World, and the historical novel "Anna of Byzantium."

Other books being read are:  Matthew, Ruth, I Samuel, Wisdom With the Millers, Kingdom of Hope, On the Banks of Plum Creek, and Autumn With the Moody’s.

The kids will continue their handwriting books (Handwriting Without Tears).  Field trips include a musical "A Little Princess."  For music we’ll continue in the Baroque (last month was Vivaldi) by listening to Bach.  We’ll also do some fun reading and activities for Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day.  Finally, the boys will continue their basketball games this month.

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