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Field Trip to “The Grove Log Cabin” in Glenview, IL

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Field Trip The Grove Glenview

We had a fun field trip a few weeks ago to someplace we had never been to before: The Grove in Glenview, IL.  It’s actually called The Grove National Historic Landmark. Our group did a special program called Log Cabin.  They have other buildings on site that we didn’t even have a chance to look at, such as a Native American Longhouse, a mansion, and a one-room schoolhouse.  So, we’ll definitely need to make another trip there!  (But I think we’ll go next time when it’s warmer!)

Two ladies were our guides. They were wonderful in teaching the kids about the pioneers and encouraging them to “act it out” themselves.  This particular log cabin was built in the 1800’s and was disassembled and moved and reassembled in this spot.  It had two rooms and a loft.  See the pictures below for the experiences my kids had.

Carrying water:

The Grove Log Cabin 038


The Grove Log Cabin 035


The Grove Log Cabin 033

Taking a bath:

The Grove Log Cabin 032

Churning butter:

The Grove Log Cabin 024


They ground corn and chopped apples.

The Grove Log Cabin 023


The Grove Log Cabin 022

Washing clothes:

The Grove Log Cabin 018 The Grove Log Cabin 015 The Grove Log Cabin 014 The Grove Log Cabin 013 The Grove Log Cabin 012 The Grove Log Cabin 011 The Grove Log Cabin 010

The wagon they packed their worldly possessions in and traveled to start a new life:

The Grove Log Cabin 008

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  2. Brandy Melissa says:

    Looks like fun!

  3. Love these kind of trips! We have taken several similar ones…they never get old! Thanks for sharing at FTF!

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