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Book Reviews of My Story: Joseph and My Story: David by Fiona Boon

Joseph and David Sticker Books 001

My Story: Joseph

My Story: David


I have 2 new Tommy Mommy books to review (and Give Away!) today.  My preschoolers really loved these.  They’re called My Story: Joseph and My Story: David by Fiona Boon.  The stories are about the Biblical men Joseph and David.  They’re paperback and tell each story from the perspective of the main character.  The illustrations are engaging cartoon characters and the story style is a bit childish and slangish.  But the part they loved the most was putting the stickers in the book after we read the story!  Another great thing about these books?  They’re only $4.99 (or less) each!

Each book goes through the basic life story of the character.  For David, we meet his father, Samuel who anoints him as King with oil, King Saul, and Goliath.  We learn about David taking care of his father’s sheep and killing lions and bears.  Then he goes to the war camp and hears Goliath’s taunts.  David decides to fight Goliath with his slingshot.  The book does mention that David cuts off Goliath’s head (I usually leave that part out when reading it to my preschoolers.)

In the Joseph story we learn about the coat that Joseph’s father gives him and that it makes his brothers jealous.  They throw Joseph into a pit and then sell him to be a slave.  Joseph is taken to Egypt and is eventually thrown in prison.  He interprets dreams there and is then able to interpret Pharoah’s dream about the famine coming to Egypt.  Pharoah puts Joseph in charge, and Joseph saves everyone by carefully storing food during the years of plenty.  Finally, Joseph’s brothers come to buy food, the families are reunited, and they all move to Egypt to live.
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My Story: Joseph and My Story: David

*ages 1-4  (I would say ages 3-7 because of the stickers and it’s not a board book.)

*Engaging art with stories told in first-person perspective

*Each book includes 45 story-themed stickers that kids can use throughout the book to enhance application and learning


Product Links:

My Story: Joseph

My Story: David


My Story: Joseph

My Story: David

(Disclosure: I received complimentary copies of these books from Thomas Nelson in order to write this honest review. This post also contains affiliate links.)



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