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Vacation Tip–Laundry Bags

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E Bible Laundry Bag 058

Laundry on Vacation

A few years ago our family started taking road trips.  One of the hardest things about them is dealing with laundry.  We have 1-3 extra large loads of laundry A DAY here at home, and there is no way we can do that on the road.  Think–late at night in a hotel laundromat.  🙂

So, I made these handy laundry bags.  Each day when the kids take off their clothes, they put them either in “L” for light or “D” for dark.  (If they aren’t that dirty, they go back in their duffle bag!)  Then I try to get each bag of clothes washed every few days.

Here is a close-up of how I easily sewed the letters on.  If I were to make these again, I’d make the “L” bag in a light color so that I can wash the bag along with the clothes!



E Bible Laundry Bag 060 E Bible Laundry Bag 061


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  2. LOVE this idea! I usually just put everything in one big bag…I Love the idea of having them already separated! Great tip!

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