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Funny Friday- Periodic Table Song

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Usually, I listen to one of 2 Christian radio stations while in the car.  But, occasionally, I’ll switch over to the great classical station that we have here in the Chicago area.  A few years ago I heard this song and LOVED it!  It’s so clever–singing all the elements of the Periodic Table.

Here are three versions of the Periodic Table Song by Tom Lehrer.  I think I’ll have my kids memorize this when they study chemistry in high school!

With words:

With the placement on the Periodic Table:

Sung by Daniel Radcliffe:


Last week I also came across the Periodic Table of the Books of the Bible!  What a clever graphic.


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  2. Becki Larson says:

    Just out of curiosity, can I ask why you are going to have your kids memorize the periodic table?

      1. Becki Larson says:

        The only reason I have asked is that I had a lot of chemistry in high school and I have taken quite a bit in college (and am currently taking organic chemistry pursuing a degree in biomedical science) and I have never had to memorize the periodic table. There are some important things to understand about the way it’s put together and how the properties of the elements change as you move around on the table. But I’ve never had to memorize it. Just wondered if there was a specific reason they needed to memorize it…maybe something different in education requirements in Illinois.

        Whatever you decide to do with the periodic table…good luck!!!

        1. No, there’s no educational requirement with it for Illinois. Michael has his undergrad degree in biochemistry and thought it would be a good idea to know them all. We are big into memorizing things (mostly Scripture, but also songs, etc.) I’m sure you have most of the table memorized since you’ve worked through it so much! Who knows, that’s about 5 years away, so we might change our minds about it.

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