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Giveaway: WildSmiles Braces- Design Your Smile

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WildSmiles Braces

If you’re like me, you have a child in braces, or about to get them! I was so happy to find out about WildSmiles Braces, because I know my daughter will love these when she needs braces in the next year or so.

What are WildSmiles Braces?

They are 6 specially designed brackets (click over to see how neat they are!) that you get on your upper teeth (the ones that show the most) and are available in a variety of fun shapes including Stars, Hearts, Sports Balls, Footballs, Flowers and Super-Diamonds®!  

It helps make braces a little more fun for your kids!  You can mix and match the shapes. WildSmiles are low profile stainless steel braces. They offer a more comfortable feel than other aesthetic braces like clear ceramic brackets.  WildSmiles braces work the same as traditional braces. The only thing that makes them different is that the part that attaches to your tooth is in a cool shape. WildSmiles are made to the highest government regulations and standards in strength, quality, and aesthetics.

If you need braces then you can have WildSmiles. Since WildSmiles work the same as conventional treatment, there is no need to worry. Simply tell your orthodontist that you want WildSmiles. You can also order WildSmiles on their web site and they will ship them to your doctors office!

WildSmiles Braces® were developed and patented by Dr. Clarke Stevens who has always had a keen desire to make orthodontics a positive experience for patients and their families. He leads his office team to provide excellent orthodontics in a fresh and fun environment where everyone, be it patient or staff, is number one!

Have some fun designing your smile here!

You can win a set–worth $150!  Enter on the rafflecopter below. Winner will be chosen on July 12, 2015 and will have 24 hours to respond to my email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(This is a sponsored post. The prize of a set of WildSmiles Braces will be sent by the company.)

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  2. Awww,I have never seen these before!How cute! I have a kiddo or two that might need these! …and it would be hearts and flowers all the way!Thank you for offering this giveaway!!!

  3. Dorrie Turner says:

    I mixed and matched hearts on the two middle, then flowers on the rest. My daughter needs braces now, going to make an appt. soon, so this would be perfect!

  4. my daughter is sgetting braces in august and i let her design and she picked all kinds of crazy mix matched things

  5. My daughter will have to get braces before long and these would certainly make them more fun!

  6. Austin Baroudi says:

    I’d go with all hearts!

  7. I did a mix of hearts, stars and flowers

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