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Handwriting Without Tears

Isn’t that a great name for a handwriting curriculum?  I have been so pleased with it.  My 2 boys (ages 7 and 8) are now doing well with both printing and cursive.  The workbooks are wonderful.  Yesterday we received 4 more books that I ordered.  Last night as I was putting my 2 little ones to bed, my older kids were in their rooms occupying themselves.  My 7 yo son got his new cursive handwriting book and was working in it!  That’s what he does with his free time!
Handwriting Without Tears

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  1. Daneele Hayes says:

    Thank you! That got me interested. We have other worksheets but I’m not entirely happy with them. I know a lot of schools don’t include cursive as part of their curriculum now, and many homeschoolers ignore cursive as well. There are many advantages to writing by hand, though: I am very impressed by these facts and I certainly insist that children should have handwriting skills to be confident writers.

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