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Historical Fiction for the Middle Ages

Along with our wonderful history curriculum, Mystery of History, we’ll be reading lot of historical fiction for the Middle Ages.  It’s such an exciting way to study history–and makes it more memorable, too!

We’re in volume 2, which covers Pentecost (A.D.  29) through the Gutenberg Press (1456).  This period of history always feels very boy-oriented to me:  evil Roman emperors, Vikings, Knights, Robin Hood, and Marco Polo!  It should be a fun year!

Historical Fiction for the Middle Ages, a list of great books to use along side Mystery of History or any history text. #history #homeschoolhistory #middleagesfiction #middleageslivingbooks #ichoosejoyblog


Historical Fiction for the Middle Ages

In the following list, the number before the book name is the corresponding chapter in Mystery of History.  (I’m sure we won’t have time to read all of these, but here’s what we’ll choose from.)

1-  John: Son of Thunder (Ellen Gunderson Traylor) own

1- Twice Freed (Patricia St. John) own

2- Adventures in Odyssey: Bible Eyewitness Hall of Faith, New Testament stories — audiobook at library

9- Pompeii. . .  Buried Alive (Kunhardt) library; The Buried City of Pompeii (Tanaka) library; Eyewitness: Volcano (Dorlink Kindersly) DVD at library

22- Days of Knights and Damsels: An Activity Guide (Carlson) own

22- The Knight and the Dragon (Tomie DePaola) own

22- St. George and the Dragon (Hodges) own

22- The Barefoot Book of Knights (Matthews) own

22-The Door in the Wall (Marguerite de Angeli) own

22- Castle (David MacCauley) library

22- Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess, Page (Platt) library

22- The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (Pyle) own on Kindle

22- King Arthur and His Knights (Jim Weiss) audiobook at libary

23- A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (Mark Twain) audiobook at library

24- Camelot — DVD at library

25- Across a Dark and Wild Sea (Don Brown) library

32- Beowulf (children’s version) library

38- Arabian Nights (Jim Weiss) audiobook at library

37- Son of Charlemagne (Barbara Willard) own

39- Beorn the Proud (Pollard) own

40- The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow (French) library

47- Grimm’s Fairy Tales — own on Kindle

52- Leif the Lucky (D’Aulaire) library

53- Macbeth: For Kids (Burdett) or in Tales from Shakespeare (Lamb) — both at library

53- MacBeth– DVD of the play — library

53- Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare (Nesbitt) own on Kindle

55- Cathedral (David MacCauley) library

58- Paula the Waldensian (Lecomte, translated by W.M. Strong) own on Kindle

62- Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest (Ann McGovern) own

62- Robin Hood — movie versions

63- The Trumpeter of Krakow (Kelly) library

63- Men of Iron (Pyle) own on Kindle, audiobook at library

64- The Apple and the Arrow (Buff) library

66- Adam of the Road (Gray) own

71- Marco Polo for Kids (Herbert) library

71- Marco Polo (Kent) own

72- In Freedom’s Cause: The Real Story of Wallace and Bruce (Henty) audiobook at library

78- The Beggar’s Bible (Vernon) own

78- Morning Star of the Reformation (Thomson) own

79- Chanticleer and the Fox (adapted by Barbara Cooney) library

81- Joan of Arc (Morpurgo) own

We’ll also be listening to Story of the World in the car (end of volume 1 through volume 2).

Historical Fiction for the Middle Ages, fun book to read aloud in our homeschool for history

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