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Homeschool Moms With Apps–Geography

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I am so grateful to have an iPad!  It has been helpful to our homeschool in numerous ways, so this new series “Homeschool Moms With Apps” will explore some of my favorite apps and ways to use it in our homeschooling.  Check back each Monday (or subscribe through email or RSS!)

Today’s focus is on Geography.  The iPad is WONDERFUL for geography learning and practice!  One of our favorites is Stack the States.  It’s  fun game (I even enjoy it), as well as being a quiz about different aspects of our U.S. states–capital cities, recognizing the shapes, border states, landmarks and national parks, etc.  After you get one right, the state falls down and the object is to stack them up to reach the line without letting them fall over.  You earn a “state” after finishing each game and try to fill up your map of the U.S.A. with all 50 states.  There are also 3 bonus games which you are able to play after reaching a certain level.  There is a lite version, which is free.  Then you can upgrade to the full version for only $.99 if you like it!

After you master Stack the States, try Stack the Countries!  It’s much more challenging!  (There is a lite version of this one, too.)

Another app we have which has been very helpful for getting my boys ready for the Geography Bee is called Geo Bee Challenge by National Geographic.

An app I purchased as part of our homeschool curriculum this year is Map Trek Ancient World.  We have all the ancient maps we need to look at right on our iPad as we’re reading through our history books.

We also have these free geography apps:

Montessori Approach to Geography HD- South America Lite  (There are several versions of these Montessori Approach apps.  My younger kids like these, so I’ll probably be getting more.)

United States Guide.  This one is more of a reference guide.  It gives information about each state:  bird, flower, tree, abbreviation, date of statehood, etc.

U.S. State Capitals.  This app is very basic, like flashcards.  It shows the name of the state.  You try to guess the capital, and then it gives the answer.

Here are a few links I found about apps in general that you might find helpful–I did!

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Please share your favorite geography apps!








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