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Homeschooling Moms With Apps–Preschool

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It’s time for our next installment of Homeschooling Moms With Apps! This time our focus is on Preschool. (Check out last week’s post on geography.)

As you can tell by the picture on my blog header, I have a number of preschoolers. And they all love to use the iPad! (I’m embarrassed to say that even my 14-month-old loves it!) But I want the limited time they use it to be educational, as well as fun for them. Here are some my favorites that they come back to time and again.

Teach Me Toddler

Teach Me Kindergarten

Teach Me 1st Grade

Bob Books

Lots of picture books (mostly the free versions, which are only parts of the book: Dr. Suess’s ABC, Just Me and My Mom, Green Eggs and Ham, Peter Rabbit, etc.)

Dot to Dot Numbers and Letters

Pocket Phonics Lite

Rocket Math

Math Bingo

Pizza Fractions

Montessori Approach to Geography lite

Drawing Pad

Hello Chalk

Hello Crayons

Hello Colored Pencils

Animal Fun

Learn Sharks

Sound drop lite

Aquarium lite


Do you have some favorite Preschool Apps I missed?



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