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Hope to Continue Homeschooling with the Organized Homeschool Life and Planner from Only Passionate Curiosity

Are you discouraged right now? I know so many homeschool moms enter January already feeling defeated. Things didn’t go as planned last semester? Your house is a mess? I pray I can give you some hope to continue Homeschooling with two special products today: The Organized Homeschool Life by Melanie Wilson and a Planner Bundle from Only Passionate Curiosity.

The Organized Homeschool Life will help you get your homeschool and home organized in 15-minute tasks.

What is so wonderful about the book The Organized Homeschool Life?

Each week you read a new chapter, and Melanie gives you very specific training and tasks that will help you get your homeschooling life and home organized with 15-minute focused times!

The digital copy of The Organized Homeschool Life is only $10 right now.

Or order the print copy or Kindle version from Amazon!

I would encourage you to pair the book with a planner of your choice. I just got Only Passionate Curiosity’s Planner Bundle, and there are some great pages here that you can mix and match to meet your needs. It’s also on sale this week!

There are weekly pages, meal-planning,

2017 Printable Planner


Ladies, we can do this homeschooling thing. Yes, it’s hard and it does take some planning and organizing to keep it all running smoothly. Use The Organized Homeschool Life and Only Passionate Curiosity planner to help you and bring you more hope to persevere during 2017!


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