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How to Make a 1920’s Dress and Cloche Hat

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How to Make a 1920s Dress

I shared a few days ago about the 1920’s Roaring Twenties Unit Celebration that our homeschool group had.  I bought clothes for my kids (and my husband bought a vest), but I decided to make my dress!  The common dress we think of in the 1920’s is the flapper dress, but ladies who dressed more conservatively often wore a dropped waist dress, so that’s what I made!

Enjoy the following tutorial of how to make a 1920’s dress:

1.  I started with a shirt that was bought at a thrift shop.

How to make 1920s dress 015

2.  Cut enough fabric for the skirt length you want and wide enough for twice around:

How to make 1920s dress 016

3.  My shirt had some open flaps, so I sewed those together in the front and sides:

How to make 1920s dress 017  How to make 1920s dress 019

4.  I gathered the skirt fabric:

How to make 1920s dress 022 How to make 1920s dress 023

5.  I cut my shirt’s sleeves to make short sleeves:

How to make 1920s dress 024

6.  Sew the skirt to the bottom of the shirt:

How to make 1920s dress 025

7.  Hew the shirt sleeve:

How to make 1920s dress 026


How to make 1920s dress 027

7.  Choose a coordinating fabric for a belt and hand-sew it around the middle:

How to make 1920s dress 028 How to make 1920s dress 029Tapestry 1920s Celebration 022


I found a hat at Joann Fabrics, so I didn’t need to make one.  But if I had made one, I love the tutorial for a cloche hat here!

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