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I am a Homeschool Dad

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I am a Homeschool Dad

[Today we have a guest post from Brent Habrych.]

I am a homeschool dad.

That phrase can be confusing to those who are outside of the homeschool community. It can also be confusing to those within the community. It’s confusing to me, and it IS me.

What exactly does it mean to be a homeschool dad? What does a homeschool dad do?

I’m not really involved in the day-to-day educating of the kids. Instead, I am off working hard so that the bills are paid.

I don’t see the daily struggles my wife has trying to balance the roles of both mother and teacher. I don’t witness firsthand the struggles my kids have trying to balance the roles of child and student.

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My job in the homeschool equation is support. I come home at the end of the day and let my wife vent to me about the rough day she had with the kids. I give my kids hugs and ask them how their days were. I support this educational institution by enforcing discipline, making sure the kids know that their school work needs to be done, and reminding my wife that this is the best option our family has for making sure our kids get what we feel is the best education.


As a homeschool dad, it is sometimes hard to feel connected to the process. I have to be deliberate in checking in on how the kids are doing. I have to ask how their grades are, how I can help them to learn, and how I can help my wife to teach them. But it is very important that I do have that connection. My wife and I are a team. I am the silent partner. I am the principal, the superintendent.

Dads, if you feel disconnected from the process, then know that it isn’t just you. You are not the only dad who has those feelings. You may not feel directly involved, but you are so very important to keeping things running. You are the breadwinner who keeps the lights turned on. You are the benefactor that allows your family to have the immense privilege of homeschooling. You are the support pillar that your partner leans on. You are the steady rock that your children know is there keeping things going.

Teaching Textbooks

I am like you in that I have an amazing privilege and honor. I have a calling in life. I have a sacred duty.

I am a homeschool dad.


Brent Habrych is a homeschool dad, entrepreneur, and dinosaur afficianado. He enjoys traveling, gaming, and spending time with his family. His goal in life is to raise a family that can function well and be a productive part of society, without that society suspecting how weird they really are.


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